“Les Poings Sur Les Iles” by Lu Bing

Les Poings Sur Les Iles is a Korean adaptation of a French children’s book illustrated by Violeta Lópiz. There’s no English translation for the short, which is directed by Lu Bing, but the pleasant visuals make it worth a look. In a small-scale production like this, it’s the little touches that make a big difference. For example, the slight sway of the background foliage adds a lot of life to the source illustrations and creates the subtle illusion of depth.

Director: Lu Bing
Animation: Lu Bing, Kang Suhyun, Kim Soyoung, Lee Minhwee
Sound effects: Lee Sungrok
Musics: Lee Taehoon
Voice: Han Gil
Script: Kwon Seulki
Picture book Cordinator: Choun Sanghyun