<em>Little Rascals From The Dwarfs World</em> by Olaf Albers <em>Little Rascals From The Dwarfs World</em> by Olaf Albers

Little Rascals From The Dwarfs World by Olaf Albers

Lausbuben aus der Zwergenwelt (Little Rascals from the Dwarfs World) in Lausige Zeiten (Lousy Times) is a fractured fairy tale from the mind and pen of Olaf Albers. Created during the winter semester at Fachhochschule Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences, Albers says, “The protagonists are two young dwarfs named Heinrich and Hannes who have nothing but nonsense on their mind and do not care about any socially rooted restrictions. Following their hedonistic way of life they nearly terrorize the other peace and harmony seeking creatures of the woodlands.”

Translation Wolf: “Oh, how nice! A warm summers rain!”

Translation children: “You have saved us -we grant you every wish!”

(Thanks, Thomas Wellman)

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