Animation renegade Ralph Bakshi, the director of Fritz the Cat, Heavy Traffic, Coonskin, and Wizards, will premiere his new film Last Days of Coney Island exclusively via Vimeo on Demand on October 29th, his 77th birthday.

His first major film project in decades, the 22-minute film raised $174,195 from 1,290 backers on Kickstarter in 2013. Bakshi animated the film and painted the backgrounds by himself. Voices are provided by the following actors: Omar Jones as Shorty, Rick Singer as Louie, Tina Romanus as Molly, Esperanza Quintero as Louise, Robert Costanzo as Max.

The film promises to deliver a heavy dose of raw Bakshi-style grit, with a story that’s described as “a violent collage of characters, all striving to get somewhere [but] can’t because they don’t know how to proceed without destroying everything.” The Vimeo rental cost will be $5.

©Bakshi Productions, Inc.
©Bakshi Productions, Inc.

Amid Amidi

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