‘Zséman’ by Nadja Andrasev ‘Zséman’ by Nadja Andrasev

Love the quirky movement, realistic eyes and mouths, and crunchy hand-made look of this student short. Here are some details about Zséman from one of its four filmmakers, Nadja Andrasev:

This was our fifth semester stop motion paper cut animation film just completed at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest. We were given a basic rough storyline with an open ending and had to make the films in teams of four people, with one person as visual designer (in our case, Milán Kopasz). There were some basic guidelines, for example having to use lip sync. We decided to write gibberish as dialogue, therefore there are no subtitles. Three films were made in our class based on the same basic story (the other two were digitally animated).

Made by: Hanna Carlson, Milán Kopasz, Maja Szakadát, Nadja Andrasev
Design: Milán Kopasz
Lighting: Katalin Mészáros
Voice: Bálint Gelley

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