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Nineteen is not an especially well-rounded number and it’s not one that is normally celebrated with bells and whistles.

But I wanted to acknowledge it today for one simple reason: every day that we have the privilege of writing about this glorious art form is a gift.

I’ve written longer posts in the past on our birthday and what it means, so I’ll spare everyone a lengthy write-up. But rest assured that as long as there’s a desire for passionate, informed, and honest voices in the animation community, Cartoon Brew intends to be there.

As animation continues to grow and thrive, we’re grateful to have a front-row seat to its evolution and to share with you everything that we’re seeing and experiencing.

The art form and industry don’t always develop in a straight line — there are ups and downs, bustling and slow periods, joyful and somber days. But if there’s anything I’ve learned after 19 years, it’s that animation itself is bigger than any individual artist, bigger than any individual production, bigger than any individual studio – and, it goes without saying, bigger than any individual news resource. It’s a robust, resilient, and infinitely uncharted art form. In short, animation isn’t going anywhere. One might even say that it’s only just getting started.

With that understanding, I want to say thank you from everyone at Cartoon Brew for inviting us to come along on animation’s journey. It’s been the thrill of a lifetime,

Amid Amidi, publisher

Amid Amidi

Amid Amidi is Cartoon Brew's Publisher and Editor-at-large.

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