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Cartoon Brew TV: Dinner Time

Today we’re kicking off the first edition of Cartoon Brew TV’s “Brew Vaults.” Every three weeks we’ll present a long-lost piece of animation history along with brand-new audio commentary by animation historian Jerry Beck and other special guests. Our first pick from the “Brew Vaults” is the 1928 short Dinner Time (1928), a synchronized sound cartoon produced before Walt Disney’s Steamboat Willie and rarely seen since its release 80 years ago. The short, directed by Paul Terry and John Foster, was in the words of Walt Disney “one of the rottenest Fables I believe that I ever saw.” But its historical significance is undeniable as it was the film that inspired Walt Disney to create a better sound cartoon. The rest, as they say, is history. Jerry Beck and Mark Kausler offer knowledgeable commentary about this cartoon curio. Watch episode 3 right here!