How-To Post Comments on Cartoon Brew How-To Post Comments on Cartoon Brew
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How-To Post Comments on Cartoon Brew

For the amount of traffic we receive, the comments on Cartoon Brew remain remarkably trouble-free, owing largely to the awesomeness of our readers. January 2009 was our highest month of traffic ever on Cartoon Brew, and with so many new readers coming onboard, we think now would be a good time to remind folks to check out the comment posting guidelines for this site. The most common infractions are folks who post their names/signatures in the body of their comment (your name is already listed at top with a link to your website) and those who don’t include real email addresses (we’ll delete comments with fake emails if we’re in a bad mood). Also, please remember that we don’t tolerate personal insults directed towards any other commenter (or Brewmaster, for that matter). It’s easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment discussing an art form that we’re all passionate about, but comments must be directed towards the other comment writer’s opinion, not the writer himself. Now back to your regularly scheduled blogging…