Cartoon Brew’s Short Pick of the Day, our year-round highlight of interesting and innovative animated shorts that are available online, now has its very own medallion. The imagery was created by McD Workshop.

Lots of filmmakers have asked us over the years for some kind of festival ‘laurel’ to commemorate their CB selection. It feels particularly appropriate to debut the graphic at this moment, when the current health crisis has flattened the difference between online viewing platforms and physical festivals, and more and more festivals have had to go virtual.

While it’s obviously a special experience for a filmmaker to screen a film in front of a live audience, this current historical moment also reinforces the value of screening work online and validates the work that sites like ours have done over the years to promote films to online audiences. Filmmakers have shared with us countless stories about the positive impact of having their work discovered online (oftentimes right here on Cartoon Brew) and how those discoveries have led to directing gigs, freelance job offers, and invitations to pitch show ideas. If you’re thinking of putting your film online, we recommend reading this guide to current best practices for online launches to maximize your film’s reach and exposure.

Below you can see the first use of the Cartoon Brew badge out in the wild, used by Alex Bernas whose film Sex Moves world premiered on Cartoon Brew a few weeks ago:

If you’ve been a previous Short Pick of the Day, please send us an email to receive your medallion. Also, please continue submitting your work for future Pick of the Day consideration. Only a small percentage of submitted films are selected, but we watch everything that’s sent to us.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements on how the CB Short Pick of the Day is expanding to provide additional benefits to filmmakers.

Amid Amidi

Amid Amidi is Cartoon Brew's Publisher and Editor-at-large.

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