The Best of Cartoon Brew: Jan/Feb 08 The Best of Cartoon Brew: Jan/Feb 08
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The Best of Cartoon Brew: Jan/Feb 08

We’re going to begin doing a regular roundup that indexes some of the more noteworthy items on Cartoon Brew. Here are some of the news items that created the most buzz and generated the most discussion during the past couple months. Any that we missed?

&#149 The Little Island by Richard Williams
&#149 Superjail
&#149 Hatti Noel as Hyacinth Hippo: Part 1 and Part 2
&#149 1930s Wartime Japanese cartoon
&#149 The Rocky and Bullwinkle statue: Part 1 and Part 2
&#149 Spongebob Rectal Thermometer and Spongebob Voice-overs
&#149 Kung Fu Panda Trailer
&#149 In by Philipp Hirsch and Heiko Tippelt
&#149 Why Don Hertzfeldt Probably Won’t Win An Annie
&#149 Marcell Jankovics’s Fehérlófia
&#149 Lili Chin and Eddie Mort Abandon Flash Animation
&#149 Diznee’s Aladin and Ratatouille Knock-off
&#149 Studio 4°C’s Genius Party
&#149 The Hard Lessons of Kwicky Koala
&#149 Academy Ignores Animation for Best Foreign Film
&#149 Usavich
&#149 Who Writes Cartoons?