TVPaint is proud to reveal the secrets behind the making of its short film Journey through Creativity, which premiered on Cartoon Brew in June.

The in-depth 25-minute making-of follows the production of the short from the initial steps of pre-production through animation production and post-production. Tracking the whole creation process, you can see how the project evolved based on the artistic and technical decisions that were made, and discover every character—real and digital—behind this animated adventure:

As an added bonus, some of the TVPaint’s files for the short are now available for free online download, offering a unique insight into how young director Tévy Dubray created the film.

Both young animators and renowned artists throughout the animation industry have already tried out and enjoyed the TVPaint experience: Tomm Moore, Michael Dudok de Wit, Joanna Quinn, Aaron Blaise, Paul Fierlinger, Peter Dodd, to name but a few. And now, add to the list numerous studios around the world that are using TVPaint to craft their latest features.

This fall, London-based studio Lupus Films will release its new feature film Ethel & Ernest, based on Raymond Briggs’ illustrated book. Initially planned as a film that would be animated on paper, the film transitioned to TVPaint during production. “TVPaint has become more and more the industry standard for hand drawn animated films,” the film’s director Roger Mainwood wrote in a recent blog post. “Using a [tablet] to draw on, the animators can reproduce a line quality that is virtually indistinguishable from a line drawn with a graphite pencil on paper.”

Mainwood went on to say that despite the fact that many crew members on the production were new to TVPaint, they were able to quickly get on board with the use of in-house tutorials and the excellent tech support of TVPaint itself.

On the other side of the globe, TVPaint opened a new office of its company in Tokyo, Japan. With more and more Japanese studios converting to digital technology, it was crucial to have its people on-site permanently in order to meet the day-by-day needs of productions.

In addition to this office, a new TVPaint user forum dedicated to Japanese studios will help the TVPaint team to receive feedback from and engage with their Japanese users.

A Japanese studio that has already started using TVPaint is Signal MD, subsidiary of I.G Port, which is currently in production on the feature film, Hirune Hime. Directed by Kenji Kamiyama (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit), Hirune Hime is set to be distributed by Warner Bros. in March 2017.

Behind TVPaint Animation, there are passionate animation specialists. Always asking how they can improve their flagship product, TVPaint’s team adapts to every project by creating a custom work tool, with personalized brushes, options, and scripts.

This team, composed of employees of TVPaint Développement, is backed up by a group of experienced beta-testers, some of them users of TVPaint Animation for more than a decade. Their role is essential: their comments and critiques of the features still in development, combined with their sharp knowledge of the animation world, are vital to the continued evolution of the software.

But apart from this group of committed users, every single person, with their thoughts, questions and suggestions, takes part in the process. Join us today for the next 25 years of TVPaint’s growth!

To learn more, visit or the TVPaint forums—and now for the Japanese community, visit our Japanese TVPaint forum.