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Definitive Ray Harryhausen Documentary sets U.S. Premiere

Even if this documentary is simply 92 minutes of these guys* praising Ray Harryhausen, I’d say it would be worth the time to watch it.

* “these guys” include: James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, Nick Park, Phil Tippett, Terry Gilliam, Dennis Muren, John Landis, Ken Ralston, Joe Dante, Randy Cook, Guillermo Del Toro, Steve Johnson and John Lasseter.

But it hints to be more, with rare production footage, tests and experiments, and interviews with Harryhausen himself shot over a five year period. Ray Harryhausen – Special Effects Titan will have its U.S. premiere showing at The Bal Theatre, San Leandro, next Saturday September 8, 2012, as part of the Bay Area Film Events. Guests that night will include ILM’s Dennis Muren and Phil Tippett of Tippett Studios. For more info, click here. What are you waiting for? Go!