“Pineapple Calamari dreams of being a horse-racing champion–but when tragedy befalls the two inseparable women who share his love of riding, he finds his race to the roses abruptly halted.” Graduation film by Kasia Nalewajka produced at the National Film and Television School, 2014. Screened at 45 international festivals.

Directed by Kasia Nalewajka
Produced by Daniel Negret
Written by Kasia Nalewajka, Daniel Negret, Manuela Lupini
Edited by Manuela Lupini
Cinematography: Stewart MacGregor
Sound design: Adam Layland
Music: Matthew Kelly
Production design: Paul Savulescu
VFX Supervisor: Boyko Stankov
SFX Supervisor: Daniel Neeson
Online editor and colorist: Boyko Stankov
Supevising art director: Sanne Houwing
Art director: Steven Nanson
Lead set designer : Veerle Koldijk
Costume designer: Natalie Jayne Hall
Lead puppet makers: Kasia Nalewajka, Maria Maloy
Animation assistant: Dana Tasker
Model makers: Sanne Houwing, Steven Nanson, Maria Maloy, Caroline Walotka, Elena Canizares, Jay Roberts, Adam Roberts, Jamie Franklin, Kaleish Mohammed, Raquel Algaba, Alina O’Donnell Pina, Elena C. Galindo, Hashim Gaad