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Right-wing media company The Daily Wire continues to grow its kids’ entertainment branch by appointing Daytime Emmy-winning showrunner of Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure Chris Sonnenburg as its senior vp of animation development and production.

Here’s what we know about Sonnenburg’s new job:

Chris Sonnenburg.
Chris Sonnenburg. (Photo via personal Twitter account)
  • Sonnenburg has a decades-long career working in animation for companies including Disney, Dreamworks, and Fox, among others. Recently he was showrunner of Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure, which he developed alongside Shane Prigmore. Other animation department credits include Kung Fu Panda, Futurama, The Critic, and a load of 1990s-2000s Disney features.
  • In his new role, Sonnenburg will oversee a team of writers and artists which includes Eric Branscum (VeggieTales in the House, Covid Restrictions Ruin Couple’s Night Out) and Ethan Nicolle (Axe Cop, Teen Titans Go!).
  • The Daily Wire recently launched its own streaming platform, DailyWire+, and has committed to investing $100 million in kids’ content for the DailyWire+ streaming platform to rival the output of “woke” media companies who, according to company co-CEO Jeremy Boreing, hate their audiences.
  • At the DailyWire+ launch earlier this summer, Boreing shared a brief teaser for the streamer’s first animated series Chip Chilla. The show’s official synopsis reads “Chip Chilla is a comedic, preschool series celebrating the day-to-day lessons of Chip and his homeschooling family of energetic Chinchillas.”
  • Pure Imagination Studios’ David “Kentucky” Coleman is also joining The Daily Wire as evp of kids content. He recently produced for theme park attractions at Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi.

News of Sonnenburg’s appointment was first reported by Deadline, and confirmed on Twitter by The Daily Wire.

Pictured at top: “Chip Chilla”

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