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Oddbot Oddbot

Glendale, California-based animation producer Oddbot Inc. will develop and animate three adaptations of popular graphic novels for kids and family audiences.

Here’s more about the company’s new projects:

  • Oddbot has optioned and plans on developing the three graphic novels into two animated series and one special. The titles are The Cardboard Kingdom, Séance Tea Party, and The Okay Witch.
  • Founded in 2006, Oddbot is best known for its work in the preschool space. It has produced three seasons of Disney Junior’s Muppet Babies and the Netflix series Action Pack. The company also produced Mo Willems’ Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed: The Underground Rock Experience!, an hour-long cg-animated comedy and music special that will debut later this week on HBO Max’s Cartoonito.
  • The Cardboard Kingdom will be a cg/2d series that emphasizes the importance of imagination and play during the formative years of adolescence. The original graphic novel, which touches on themes like family conflict, inner-strength, and gender identity, was drawn and co-written by Chad Sell.
  • Séance Tea Party, based on Reimena Yee’s book of the same name, is planned as an hour-long cg special. The original turns on 12-year-old Lora Xi, who wants to stay 12 forever and recruits a ghost to help her make that dream a reality.
  • The Okay Witch is based on the eponymous debut graphic novel of Emma Steinkellner and turns on 13-year-old Moth Hush, a young witch just learning how to access and control her burgeoning powers.
  • Oddbot president Chris Hamilton said of these projects: “Kids are growing up faster than ever today, and we love how these stories show them overcoming inherent obstacles through imagination and creativity. They also feature stand-out characters that will resonate with both kids and their parents, strengthening bonds and initiating conversations.”


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