‘Steven Universe’ Recap: ‘Beach Party’

While this week’s “Steven Universe” opened a lot of doors as far as characterization and parallels, it was simply okay. Mr. Pizza was comical relief but other than that you had to dig for the entertainment.

‘Steven Universe’ Recap: ‘Lion 2: The Movie’

This week’s “Steven Universe” dived into the whirlwind that is the mindset of an insecure youth, in ways that were similar to the episode “Lars and the Cool Kids.” At first, the episode didn’t really make any sort of impression on me. It took another viewing for me to grasp its depth—or at least theorize things in the whirlwind that in my own mind at 3am.

‘Steven Universe’ Recap: ‘Steven the Sword Fighter’

It’s been a few weeks but the last few times in Beach City we witnessed a lot of growth in the series. Steven had an anger revelation after he hung with the cool kids and really showcased the father-son relationship thanks to little Onion. Now we’re back and “Steven Universe” went and explored the maternal dynamic within their group after Pearl took a blade through the chest.

‘Steven Universe’ Recap: ‘Onion Trade’

There’s something about Steven’s dad Greg that doesn’t add up. Will we ever really know why Greg distances himself from his son? This week in “Onion Trade,” we explored a dad’s horrible ability to remember things, witnessed Steven’s lack of male role models, and learned a lot more about Onion, a character who revealed quite a few new layers.

‘Steven Universe’ Recap: ‘Giant Woman’

Last week Steven put Garnet on a pedestal”and quickly learned she has flaws. This week in “Giant Woman,” he was fixated on the idea of what Amethyst and Pearl could be if they fused and became the “ultra powerful being” known as Opal.

“Steven Universe” Recap: “Arcade Mania”

Admiration was the theme this week and it was only coming from Steven and heading towards Garnet. She can do no wrong – a point on which I think we can all pretty much agree.

“Steven Universe” Recap: “Serious Steven”

It’s been over a month since we’ve seen Steven, the Gems, and the rest of the Beach City and that’s really made me forget a lot about this show. Well, not the characters and what they’re all about, but the humor. This week with “Serious Steven” I was way more annoyed by the pudgy little guy than anything else.

Jasmin Lai

Artist of the Day: Jasmin Lai

Jasmin Lai is an artist who works as an effects colorist and background painter on “Steven Universe” at Cartoon Network.

“Steven Universe” Recap: “Bubble Buddies”

Do you realize it’s been over a decade before Spongebob Squarepants aired “Bubble Buddy?” That’s all I could think of as Steven Universe started this week. With that Spongebob still imprinted in my mind (booboo keys…) and Steven’s history of having minimal acquaintances, I assumed he too would be making poppable companions. I couldn’t have been further from the truth. There were earthquakes, a couple of new characters, and a budding romance.

Listen to Lotte Reiniger and Rebecca Sugar Discuss Animation

For those of you still feeling sedentary after the holidays or just looking for some weekend inspiration, listen to these two interviews with Lotte Reiniger and Rebecca Sugar. They each have accomplished an important first in animation: Lotte Reiniger was the first woman to direct an animated feature, and Rebecca Sugar was the first solo woman creator of a TV series at Cartoon Network. These milestones are separated by 87 years, which says a lot about both how far animation has come and how far it still has to go.

“Steven Universe” Recap: “Frybo”

When I went to the guide this week I thought my pain meds had really done a number, but nope—there was only one new Steven Universe …

Artist of the Day: Jeff Liu

Jeff Liu studied at CalArts and now works at Cartoon Network on “Steven Universe.”

Danny Hynes

Artist of the Day: Danny Hynes

Danny Hynes has worked on television series The Venture Bros. and Robotomy, and is now working on Steven Universe at Cartoon …

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