Remember last week when I was peeved about the lack of father-son time going on in Beach City and how “Light Canon” would’ve been a better fit with “Frybo?” Well I was wrong because this week was on point. “Light Canon” airing after “Cat Fingers” was perfection thanks to the common themes, recurring characters and bits – fry bits that is.

After a few weeks, Greg’s back for some bonding time with his son. Well, more like free child labor as he and Steven wash Mayor Dewey’s election wagon. The politician has been the most human looking figure in this town. We can assume the characters who stick out the most because of their differences are the ones we should mentally keep track of. Anyways, Amethyst shows up as a cat because we learned in “Together Breakfast” that she can shape shift. She then tells Steven that he can probably learn to do it. She was being coy because Pearl reveals all Gems have the ability to, but she dutifully warns Steven not to bite off more than he can chew. Surprisingly Amethyst agrees, and decides that Steven should start small and shape shift into a cat. 

Things don’t go exactly as planned. Only one of Steven’s fingers turned into a cat…a little, simple head with a long neck: no unnecessary limbs to bother with. Amethyst suggests Steven show off his kitty digit to his dad. Greg’s not amused at all, but the store clerk and stock boy cutie Lars’ interests are peaked but then Lars points out that solo cat has no friends like Steven. This leads to Steven’s whole hand being shifted into kitties. He then takes the show on the road to Petey’s fry shack for some bits (which Steven craves in “Light Canon”). By this time all 10 fingers are an array of colorful cats and they’re dining on the fry bits. As funny as it sounds, it was just as terrifying—where the heck were the bits going after the cat fingers swallowed?

It was cool at first, Steven learning a Gem trick, but things went from awesome to awkward fast as he figures out he can’t use his cat fingers as real fingers; they get pissed and hiss like crazy. The Gems are no help since they’re on a mission to fight a living island. As Steven tries to figure out how to solve his crisis, he overthinks and makes things so much worse. There are cats popping out of every part of Steven’s little pudgy body. After awhile he’s a self-proclaimed cat monster with nowhere to go for help except for his dad’s. 

Parental instincts aren’t Greg’s forte as Steven cries for help and he just stands there with his hose in hand, but that hose does inspire an idea in Steven – the super car wash. Cue the unexpected and over-the-top Hollywood-style score, which is used to dramatic effect. Obviously cats hate water (who knew?) so all is almost well once Greg agrees to let Steven endure the super wash. I say almost because one little kitty remains but is taken out thanks to Greg’s trusty hose.

When the Gems return from their latest quest to find Steven’s ok, Pearl is surprised but Garnet isn’t. She tells Pearl she should learn to have more faith in Steven. Who wants to bet that was a sign that “Cheeseburger Backpack” accompanies the new “Bubble Buddies” next week because of that little comment? 

We’re getting to the point where it’s easier to recall past characters and events like Amethyst’s previous shape shifting and the bits on Steven Universe, and the series is starting to shape into something we can care about on a weekly basis because of it.

“Cat Fingers” was written and storyboarded by Rebecca Sugar, Ian Jones-Quartey, Hilary Florido and Kat Morris.

Kendra Beltran

Kendra Beltran

KENDRA BELTRAN lives somewhere in between reality and believing she’ll marry Backstreet Boy Nick Carter while residing physically in Van Nuys, CA. After graduating from CSUN she went into the music realm. After two years of stress thanks to the job she grew to hate, she left and focused 90% of her attention on the one thing that had been her right hand man since she was 13: writing. You can see her formations of letters on Fandomania, A-List Reports, her own blog Golden Mixtape and MTV Geek (RIP).

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