Critic A.O. Scott in The New York Times had mixed emotions about Dreamworks’ Rise of The Guardians saying, “like so much animated entertainment these days, (it) is by turns silly, maudlin and noisy, with just enough ingenuity to make you wish it were better.”

Betsy Sharkey in The Los Angeles Times was rather non-committal, warning the filmmakers (as if it weren’t already too late), “If you’re not careful, edgy can send things right over the cliff”, and “sometimes too much of a good thing can be exhausting.”

Me? I was throughly enchanted with Rise of The Guardians, a modern day holiday classic squarely aimed at the kids – but with enough visual razzle dazzle for adults and a much darker tone than any film featuring an Easter Bunny has ever had. You know the concept – it’s The Avengers with childhood fantasy figures like the tooth fairy and Santa Claus. Essentially its Jack Frost versus an evil Pitch Black figure, but its the characters and their back stories that are just as fascinating as the action and adventure. Personally, I could watch a whole film based around the magically mute Sandman character – he totally steals the show. I was particularly grateful that the film felt so fresh, original and different from the rest of the animated films released this year, as well as Wreck-It Ralph, whom the Guardians will be battling at the box-office.

It comes out today and now its your job to review it for us. Let me know your opinion in the comments section below. (Do not post here if you haven’t seen the film – or we’ll put you on Santa’s Naughty list).

Jerry Beck

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