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The Gotham Group, an L.A. talent management and production firm that reps a significant number of animation artists, is jumping on the NFT bandwagon.

Matt Shichtman
Matt Shichtman

Why are they doing this? Gotham Group founder and CEO Ellen Goldsmith-Vein says that they’re “exploring new pathways and opportunities for our clients to build original film and television projects outside the confines of the traditional studio and network environment.” To explore this new space, Gotham has launched an Emerging Technologies department under the leadership of manager Matt Shichtman, who has been promoted to partner at the company.

What kind of work will Gotham Group produce through this new division? It’s currently in production on its first project, the adult animated series Alien to Me, which was created by Shichtman-repped comedian and digital artist Connor Kerrigan, in collaboration with Andrew Goldsmith and Monique Mulcahy of the Melbourne-based studio Pixel. The series will be viewable only to those who purchase NFTs, but you can get a taste of it in the prologue episode below:

Why is Shichtman enthused about NFTs? Shichtman told Deadline, which first reported the story: “While studios have had considerable success over the past decade consolidating market power, Web3 has moved swiftly in the opposite direction, decentralizing networks, building grassroots communities, increasing transaction speeds, decreasing fees, and pushing towards carbon neutrality, a goal many blockchains have now achieved.”

How will creators benefit from this? Shichtman sees a whole host of benefits for his clients, including bigger financial rewards for successful projects compared to the traditional studio model. He also sees the opportunity to tell unconventional stories that “don’t fit neatly into a studio development mandate.” Creators can also engage with fans throughout the production process and build out ideas more collaboratively than a typical studio model.

Who does Shichtman currently rep: Shichtman’s list of clients, across animation and live action, currently includes David F. Sandberg (Lights Out, Annabelle 2, Shazam), Pat Casey & Josh Miller (Sonic; Sonic 2), Chris Winterbauer (Wyrm), Olan Rogers (Final Space), Mike Rubiner (The Loud House), Latoya Raveneau (Rise Up, Sing Out), Tony Stacchi (The Boxtrolls), Rosa Tran (Anomalisa), Mark Satterthwaite & Pedro Eboli (Cupcake & Dino), Simon Smith (Penguins of Madagascar, Bee Movie) and Stephen Markley (Ohio, Only Murders in the Building).

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