Here’s an inevitable product of our time: custom-designed storyboard pads for people creating content specifically on iPads and iPhones. Of course, it’s easy to storyboard digitally, but a lot of artists prefer to think up ideas away from the computer screen, and Sticky Jots look to be ideal for animators who want to plan and lay out their mobile/tablet stories in the proper aspect ratio.

The storyboard kits come with laser-cut plywood bases, which are a nice touch though they’ll frankly be more useful for the UI designers who seem to be the main target of the product. Sticky Jots were designed by Pam Jue and Rae Milne, two recent grads of the Design for Social Innovation MFA program at the School of Visual Arts. Most of the products on their site are sold out at the moment, though I’m assuming they’ll be back in stock at some point.

stickyjots-b stickyjots-c stickyjots-d

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