Genndy Tartakovsky will make a new season of his revered TV series Samurai Jack for Adult Swim. This morning’s announcement by the network was short and to the point:

“Adult Swim is excited to announce that JACK IS BACK. Creator and executive producer Genndy Tartakovsky continues the epic story of Samurai Jack with a new season of episodes that will premiere on Adult Swim’s Toonami block in 2016. The new season is currently in production in Los Angeles at Cartoon Network Studios.”

What’s left unsaid in the announcement is telling though: Genndy Tartakovsky isn’t doing a film at Sony right now (though sources tell us he’s still officially at the studio developing Can You Imagine?). In a September interview with Cartoon Brew, Tartakovsky alluded to his frustrations of working at Sony, where he directed the Hotel Transylvania franchise, saying that he wanted “to be in a situation where people want to make my stuff, whether that is features or television or whatever.” At the time, he expressed confidence about Samurai Jack’s return: “I think its time is very ripe, and I’m hoping something will happen soon.”

This brief promo and poster accompanied today’s announcement:


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