Scheduled to debut in 2015, Comedy Central’s Moonbeam City is described as an absurdist take on the sex-drenched crime dramas of the 1980s. Set in the fictional Moonbeam City, “America’s most fluorescent metropolis,” the show follows the handsome undercover detective Dazzle Novak (voiced by Rob Lowe), who “commits more crimes than most criminals,” as he tries to win back the attention of police chief Pizzaz Miller (Elizabeth Banks) from hotshot rookie Rad Cunningham (Will Forte).

Created by comedy writer Scott Gairdner (Funny or Die), the show has a striking visual style that consciously references the iconic early-Eighties illustrator Patrick Nagel and an electronic soundtrack by synthpop duo Night Club. Olive Bridge Entertainment produces in association with Titmouse Studios.

Since being announced at Comic-Con last week, the show has drawn comparisons to Archer for its inept agent premise. But we’ll have to wait until it premieres in 2015 to see how far the similarities go.