There’s a new Archie in town, and this time he’s a rambunctious 12-year old dealing with the modern issues of today’s youth, such as finding Wi-Fi hotspots, texting and pie eating contests.

In It’s Archie, the as-yet-unsold animated series being developed by Archie Comics and French animation company Moonscoop, the kids from Riverdale are reimagined as young contemporaries in “outlandish, exuberant, off-the wall novel adventures” that include, according to the press release, “loopy, disparate elements such as mad scientists, extraterrestrials taking up residence in janitorial closets, enchanted fogs [and] pirates.”

The sleek – and not-at-all garish – re-design doesn’t stop with the look of the characters. It also transfers over to the motivations and personalities of the cast as well. “In the It’s Archie quixotic world of Riverdale, love is measured in puppy portions, exuberance is in the air and the impossible can always be solved with a dose of kid ingenuity… Upbeat, playful and four years away from their coveted driver’s licenses, these It’s Archie pre-teens are not yet affected by teenage brooding, surly attitudes, or peevish behavior.” It’s a groundbreaking combination of style and direction that is sure you leave you asking… “Is this A Pup Named Scooby-Doo?”

Season 1 of It’s Archie, which will include 52 11-minute episodes, will be making the rounds at MIP Junior and MIPCOM from October 5-10, 2013, in Cannes.

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