A few weeks ago, I posted a teaser trailer for PigGoat BananaMantis!, a project developed for Nickelodeon by Dave Cooper and Johnny Ryan, and animated by Nick Cross.

Nickelodeon had already passed on the project at that point, but after the enthusiastic reaction it received online (including on Cartoon Brew), they’ve revived the idea. Johnny Ryan told VICE magazine yesterday:

[Nickelodeon] helped us make this little teaser trailer cartoon. They really liked the way it turned out and wanted to go on to the next step and develop a pilot. We wrote and storyboarded a pilot episode which they didn’t like so they wound up passing on the whole thing. Fast forward a few months later and animator Nick Cross posted the original cartoon on his site where it got a really positive response. I think this made Nickelodeon rethink their decision and they decided to revive the project.

So now we are going back into development to try and make it work. We haven’t really worked out all the details yet as far as how many episodes and all that stuff. I only just found out that they wanted to try this thing again yesterday.