Purple And Brown Purple And Brown

Purple And Brown

Purple and Brown

A lot of Aardman’s work in recent years has been too slick and labored for its own good, but one of their new series marks a wonderful return to their roots. PURPLE AND BROWN, a batch of interstitials produced for Nickelodeon, features two blobs of clay who engage in pointless activities and make a lot of noise. It’s a simple concept, beautifully animated and hilariously executed; one might say they’re reminiscent of early Henson work.

Over thirty of the shorts are available on this YouTube channel. A warning for the time-strapped: these cartoons are addictive – once you watch one, you’ll want to watch all of them.

UPDATE: Animator Keith Lango has an elegant little blog post where he writes about why he likes these Aardman spots. I agree with him completely.

(via Fous d’Anim)