The Simpsons 500th

Three cheers to everyone involved with The Simpsons for achieving the unheard of goal of producing 500 episodes! There has been a lot of deserved hype this week in honor of this milestone – I especially love the $500,000 contribution by Matt Groening to UCLA’s Animation program, an endowment which will “allow visiting master artists to teach classes” and “bring working professionals with wide-ranging expertise” to work with students. Groening also got a star this week on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. All well and good.

But someone explain to me these looney “Simpson’s fashions” (below) which made their debut this week in New York. Designer Jeremy Scott, whose previous designs were inspired by The Flinstones and Mickey Mouse, unveiled an entire line devoted to The Simpsons which – as much as I love Bart – are embarassingly bad.

Regardless, I’ll be tuning in this Sunday for the 500th time and, like these fashions above, I’m sure the show will get many laughs. Congratulations Matt, and to the crew at Film Roman.