AJ’s Infinite Summer by Toby Jones.

Tonight, Cartoon Network quietly released two new pilots that were produced in 2013: AJ’s Infinite Summer created by Toby Jones and Long Live the Royals by Sean Szeles. Both Jones and Szeles work on Regular Show—Jones is a writer/storyboard artist, and Szeles is a supervising director/writer/storyboard artist.

Long Live the Royals created by Sean Szeles.

Before Toby Jones created AJ’s Infinite Summer, which revolves around three teenage friends goofing around, he had co-directed a 60-minute indie live-action film called AJ Goes to France (2006). While there’s probably not a lot of continuity between that earlier film and this short, the lead actor in both projects is the same person, AJ Thompson.

Szeles’ short Long Live the Royals also follows three kids, but in this case, the kids are modern-age royal siblings who live with their parents, the King and Queen.

Both shorts are currently available to view online in the U.S., but may be geo-blocked in other regions.

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