Competition for talent in visual effects is heated nowadays and studios are aggressively recruiting, but MPC may have found the ballsiest way yet to entice young people to choose vfx as a career: promising they’ll get laid.

In a Linkedin update from yesterday [update: it’s been deleted], MPC’s global talent acquisition manager Angela Buhr invited horny digital artists to check out the MPC booth at the vfx/animation conference Effects Montreal and discover why “getting to say you make THE BEST movies gets you friends with benefits.” Presumably, by “best” movies, she’s referring to MPC’s vfx work on films like The Revenant, Spectre, and The Martian. (A photo from Disney’s The Jungle Book—which MPC worked on—accompanied the post.)


Cartoon Brew has reached out to Buhr for comment to find out whether promising FWB is part of MPC’s official recruitment strategy and whether there is evidence of employees having received FWB as a result of their employment at MPC. We will update this post when she responds.

While Cartoon Brew applauds Ms. Buhr’s innovative and bold effort to grow the vfx industry, the Twitterverse reaction to MPC’s new (official?) recruitment strategy is more mixed:

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