Glen Keane is a busy man nowadays.

In addition to his new short Dear Basketball, which premiered last month at Tribeca, Keane also delivered a new piece for Riot Games’ League of Legends game that focuses on the character Lux the Lady of Luminosity.

The short – Lux: Binding Light – debuted online last Friday:

Keane’s piece is part of a new series of animated pieces called League Animation Workshop that Riot explains is “our exploration into diverse styles, our experimentation with new techniques, and our commitment to developing the art form itself.”

Each of the four pieces in the series explores personality traits of one of the Riot game’s 136 playable characters. More details on these cinematics and character pieces can be found in this article.

For the Lux piece, Keane employs his rough animation style that he’s used in other recent projects like Dear Basketball and the Google short Duet, but the animation is in a rougher and more unfinished state than those earlier projects. The lack of polish might be viewed with some confusion amongst gamers who are accustomed to slick production values, but for animation fans, it is something of a treat to see Keane’s work at this stage of production.

Amid Amidi

Amid Amidi

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