Spider-Verse in VR Spider-Verse in VR

Dan Franke, a freelance vr artist from Germany, made a scene recreation from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse entirely in Quill. The results are below:

The idea behind this demo is to show what’s possible using Facebook’s Quill software through a familiar scene that was originally created using a traditional cg pipeline. Franke, who made the piece by himself, explains, “The environment and character were painted and animated entirely in VR using Quill in about two weeks.”

Many of the comments at this point are a variant of “How did you that?” Franke says that, “When I find the time, I will put together a series of in depth tutorials explaining the whole process along with many new techniques I discovered.”

He adds on the Facebook version of the video, “Let us continue inspiring each other to push the limits of this medium to new heights and take those ‘Leaps of Faith’ into the future. On that note, happy new decade, everybody.”

Updated on 1/15/20, 6:00 pm ET: Franke has posted an in-depth tutorial on how he produced the Spider-Verse scene recreation in vr. Watch the video below:

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