Chaotic Tom & Jerry commercial Chaotic Tom & Jerry commercial

Chaotic Tom & Jerry commercial

Tom and Jerry have always represented chaos — but this Indian commercial is mind-numbing in its confusion. Here, Tom & Jerry join forces with Bollywood mega-star Kajol and Alpenliebe candy mascot, the crocodile Mr. Mach. The animation was produced by Black Magic Motion Pictures and directed by Abhijit Chaudhuri. The 3D crocodile animation was produced by R&H India.

(Thanks, Karl Cohen and Animation Express)

  • nolej


  • Chris Sobieniak

    Eh, it’s a commercial!

  • Dan

    I think it’s great that Rhythm & Hues has outsourced to India! We’re not in the mess we are in because of it. God bless NAFTA!!!!

  • if i were to ever ingest a large amount of mushrooms, i think this is what would happen.

  • uncle wayne

    that cgi gator is about as frighteningly real as it can get!! And NOTHING could get worse than those unthinkably baddddd [70s] T&Js (with bow-ties yet!)

    Thans for the post!, Jerry!

  • Confusing?
    T&J see candy in the world outside the TV—emerge and fight over it; woman comes home, sees mayhem, uses croc to reclaim candy.
    If I lived in the commercials’ home market I’m sure I’d be used to the presence of the crocodile in ads for this product. What’s not to get?

  • Dock Miles

    Very over-the-top funny. (It’s a croc, not a gator, folks — crocs are the ones so mean they have teeth outside their non-lips.) Of course, if more Americans lived in gator country, the old leatherhides would be a more natural part of cartoon language like cats and mice. Delightful clip.

  • Thad

    That commercial has ADD.

  • FP

    The crock was way cooler than the Tom & Jerry, which look like Gene Deitch cartoons with a slightly higher budget.

    If I saw that commercial on TV, I would eagerly wait for it again. Since I saw it via YouTube linkage, I will download it to a backup folder and accidentally delete it in three months.

  • Nick

    I don’t know what’s wrong with all of you but it made perfect sense to me. Don’t tell me that no one else has a crocodile in their bathroom for when cartoons jump out of your tv.

  • Wow.

  • Publicity exec was blowing cocaine at the company WC when suddenly the new crocodile leather shoes he was wearing caught his eye. And THERE is when he had the Eureka moment that produced this masterpiece :)

  • Halwai

    The direction might be bad, but the animation is not. The Croc is well done.

  • The problem with being a cartoon character is you can be rented out, willing or not, to any client from now to the end of time.

  • Peter

    I think you will find the animation for Tom and Jerry was produced by Cartoon Network Hong Kong (where the commercial was written) through their world wide animation studios in Argentina. The shoot and crocodile animation was indeed produced by Black Magic and Rhythm & Hues in India.

  • Hats off to you again Cartoon Brew. This advert is hot these days on Cartoon Network India and I had been wondering about the details of this today. I open my favorite animation blog and… walah!

  • Nikhil

    I don’t get it ! why are you guys confused with this, is it idea of commercial ? what that gator is doing there etc , this commercial has a history, there already have been two version of this add, this is like story continuing …in very first add, it shown that that lady throws this candy over to gator on her visit to zoo, gator eats it and likes it so much that he follows her every where to get a bite of candy, and this add tom & jerry are just to attract small kids, it’s still a cool thing among kids !

  • RobEB

    Well done!

  • Rick R.

    I thought that was a lot of fun. thanks Jerry!

  • Lucky

    Nikhil, that backstory information is what Americans need to understand why the croc is in the house with the lady and she has no problem with it. We have not seen the series of prior adverts laying this crucial pipe. Many thanks for letting us know.

  • Mitch K

    Wait, where’s all of the Flashy symbols and the super-smooth overshooting tweens? Looks like people still do animation.

  • Rose

    I think a crocodile makes a fine security system.

    I think the t.v. is a great portal to toon town.

    I think…yum…candies.

    I think I’ve been hit by a frying pan to the head.

    yes, that’s it.

    …but actually beyond the WTF element of this, I liked it.

  • It’s pretty confusing but that indian girl actually interacts with Tom and Jerry better than most of the casting in Looney Tunes:BIA and Space Jam did with the cartoons. I would rather see a life action/animated movie with her instead of Michael Jordan.

    I’d even prefer a movie with that crocodile instead of animated child orphans and evil aunts.

  • OM

    ….Wait. Bollywood did something that was *licensed*??


  • Tom

    At the 28 second mark the croc casts no shadow. Just sayin’.

  • Nice catch Tom! The material was moving too. Maybe they thought people wouldn’t catch that one. Hahah yeah this ad is definitely high on a looot of sugar, but I suppose thats what kids that like candy like (?) I’m guessing cereal chomping kids can and maybe even prefer to keep up with this kind of craziness. They’re probably seeing it all in slow mo with all that sucrose in their blood… I dunno, just guessing.