C.L. Hartman Animation Reel C.L. Hartman Animation Reel

C.L. Hartman Animation Reel

Animation by C.L. Hartman

The grandson of Golden Age Hollywood animator C.L. Hartman has posted a reel onto YouTube of commercials animated by Hartman at John Hubley’s Storyboard and Quartet Films. The reel includes some ultrarare commercials that I’d only seen stills of previously. Lots of beautiful design and funny animation throughout. Also, for the curious, a while back I posted a UPA-era photo of Hartman onto Flickr.

  • doug holverson

    I don’t remember breakfast in 1990 being anything like that… ;)

    So was that June Foray in the Keebler spot before the elves and Sterling Holloway for The Danny Thomas Show?

  • Thank YOU! What a fun treat! (Nothing more fun than vintage tv animated commercials!) And a special treat to hear Mr. Frees, Ms. Foray, and even Mr. Holloway, too!!

  • esos comerciales realmente dan ganas de comprar el producto!

  • This is great. You can hardly find any of these old commercials. I wish more people did stuff like this!

  • Dock Miles

    A sly stroke of these vintage animated commercials is how precisely dowdy, lumpy and altogether ordinary the characters are. There are few cute and beautiful people in this world. In fact, if they appear, they seem to be from some distant realm.

    Sorry Hills Bros., a classic getting-it-wrong. Up there with the immortal Kelly Freas illustration of a 30th-century Space Pirate climbing up a rope ladder with a slide rule in his teeth.

    I may have missed a scene, but notice that the odd prohibition about showing anybody actually drinking alcohol is in force

    Also, way to go, having an overt hangover-aid as part of a TV ad in the high days of way-too-many cocktail culture.

    Notice Dad butts the kids away from him just as the “comfortable .. happy� line comes on? Yeah. I knew that tension. That’s why eternal-genial bugs me now.

  • Larry

    A wonderful find. Deceptively simple-looking animation that makes one want to draw again.

  • red pill junkie

    My God! What a treat! Beautiful artwork and funny (although too exaggerated in their prospective views of futuristic breakfast) ;-)

  • Jay Kormann

    Wow! Those were a breath of fresh air compared to the crap that passes for commercials today. It’s things like that that keep me coming here to Cartoon Brew several times a day.

  • Chris

    Calso water was indeed a popular hangover remedy here in the Bay Area, endorsed by Herb Caen himself.

  • Gary Pearson

    If there were more commercials like this today, when I’ve PVRed a show, I wouldn’t race through all the ads. I love that the cartoons were used to sell cars and beer. Yes, cartoons are for grownups. How much more delightful that Chevy ad was than what I see today, beauty shots of cars going down a winding roads…along with Honda ads of cars going down winding roads….and Nissan ads of…anyway, you get the picture.

  • Byron Winings

    I worked with C L Hartman in the 1970’s and I know how talented this man was. I have pencil sketches of my younger two sons and me that he did. I also have a caricature drawing of me operating a early style computer. What a wonderful and talented man.