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Creature Discomforts


Aardman Animation is using their incredible talents to create a series of TV spots to highlight the problems faced by people with disabilities. Creature Discomforts is part of a campaign to try and change the way most people view the disabled. The spots will begin airing in the UK next month, but the website, now live, posts all them and a behind the scenes piece.

  • Christopher Olson

    I was pretty miffed when CBS cancelled the American Creature Comforts midway through the summer. Animation always does poorly during primetime on network TV, but as a summer replacement, was it really killing them to run the last four episodes? They could have just run them all back to back and be done with it in one evening or something.

  • Thank you.

  • Robert Reynolds

    Thank you for linking to that website. I’m disabled and can tell you from experience that they nailed it on all for TV spots, particularly the third one.

    People often do assume that, because my legs don’t work right, that the same goes for my mind-an assumption they find out later was an incorrect one, often to their great disadvantage! May this find you happy and healthy.

  • Tom Pope

    why don’t we see more great commercials of this sort in America? There are lots of clever or stylistically beautiful ads done here, but not enough with the kind of heart put into these. Of course, they were done by Aardman; not everybody has that kind of skill.

  • Katie Cropper

    These are great. I wish they would air them here in the states.

  • Cyber Fox

    CBS did cancel them but, they treated it quite unfairly
    CBS never game the show any scrap of advertising hence forth no one saw it

  • That’s a brilliant idea for those spots. Good for Aardman.

  • At least they released US Creature Comforts on DVD…

  • I thought these were great. They didn’t need to play the little violin to make their point and they didn’t need to shoe horn a lot of jokes in there either. They just kept it kind of simple and charming. Liked it.

  • Some Guy

    Nice spots, too bad they canceled the series before its prime.

  • Charlie

    I do believe Aardman also does the animation for a new Christmas commercial for a iPhone with gingerbreadmen.

  • red pill junkie

    The thing I hated about these commercials?

    The short length ;-)