Flintstones One-A-Day Vitamin Commercial (1970s) Flintstones One-A-Day Vitamin Commercial (1970s)

Flintstones One-A-Day Vitamin Commercial (1970s)

Here’s a friendly reminder to take your vitamins:

(Thanks, Clint H.)


    Barney, Nice commercial huuh Fred?
    Fred, What about it?
    Barney, did you get paid for doing that commercial Fred?
    Fred, Hey…that Arnold has sure got an arm on him doesn’t he?

    Now we see Barney grab a flamingo holding him by the stiff legs and trim the hedge with his snapping beak.

    Barney, You lost your job again didn’t you Fred?
    Fred, BARNEY!!!!

  • Jay Sabicer

    Fred shouldn’t pick his nose like that. It sets a bad example.

  • Bwugh I used to think those things were candy.

    • Me too! In fact, when I was 5 I OD’d on Flintstones vitamins by eating half a bottle. Then I went to the ER and got my stomach pumped. Those childproof safety caps weren’t very effective!

      • Dave

        This must have been common. My mother, who was a nurse, told me about a kid who’d had to have his stomach pumped since he’s eaten all the Barneys.

  • uncle wayne

    Terriff!! And i always loved when they were given “fuller” animation (for the commercials!)

  • St. Joseph’s baby aspirin were yummier! I ate a whole bottle at about age 4 and never told anyone.

    • I did something similar, finishing off a bottle from Mom’s ‘bag of tricks.’ Strangely attractive flavor there. I wouldn’t be surprised if that bottle had been in the family longer than I had at that point. Freshness dates and childproof caps were off in the future back then.

  • It’s nice to see Fred & Barney fully animated like that!

  • Clint H

    I think should go lay off the vitamins if it makes him see animated characters climbing up Mt. Rushmore spoofs.

    Anyways, for a Hanna-Barbara commercial from the ghastly 70’s, this one boasts some pretty nice animation.

    • Yes, it’s funny how, as a kid, I was drawn more to the commercials featuring these characters than the show itself. It doesn’t help that the show was basically an adult animated sitcom anyway, but it always confused me that I couldn’t enjoy it myself.

      It’s great seeing where past commercial spots focus on though. And to have a whole minute! It seems like they want twice as much content crammed into half the time for commercials today. (I know there’s minute long spots still, but the majority stay around :30)

  • Brad Constantine

    much better than the “watch me trick Fred trend”…Thanks fer sharing!

  • Tom Tobey

    Is that Alan Reed’s voice?

  • Sounds a bit like the Herman & Katnip theme (but Jerry, you already knew that).


  • Bob

    That made me feel old.

  • This spot was animated by Ed Love.

    The connection between Miles Laboratories goes back to 1960, when One-A-Day multiple vitamins sponsored THE FLINTSTONES (of course, so was Winstons cigarettes!) and the 50-year relationship still exists, with Miles’ Flintstones vitamins for kids.

    • Clint H

      Did Love animate on the original show? I think he did good here, even though Hanna-Barbera (and cartoons in general) went down the tube for a good while.

  • cijfer

    I like the shampoo commercial with Wilma, Jane and Velma better. Never saw that one.

  • dbenson

    There came a moment when some federal agency put the kibosh on advertising vitamins directly to children, precisely because kids were being taught to regard pills as candy. The immediate response from various brands — including Flintstones — was to keep making animated commercials and offering kiddie premiums, but always opening with “Hey, Mom” and pretending to aim at parents. Those eventually got banned as well.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Sad really, we lost a good thing here.

      Watching this ad and noticing the kid’s name, in some weird demented way, I want to digitally insert myself into this ad!

  • Sure looked like they were setting up a payoff gag where Fred and Barney were to have fallen off the statue’s nose when it sneezed—but maybe brand management worried about what was going to happen to the live-action kid.

  • Ignatz the Brick Pitcher

    Great commercial. Flintstones Vitamins tasted like flavorful Sweet Tarts to me. Mom didn’t have to coerce me to take them.

    They became a staple I looked forward to taking daily…or was it an addiction? Hmm, using cartoon characters to market vitamins to kids. I wonder if this was intentional. LOOL

    Don’t propose this to McDonald’s! It could heighten the Happy Meal controversy. French fries and burgers shaped as cartoon characters. Yikes! The notion alone makes me wince.

  • Jeff Haynes

    Boy, Fred’s athletic for a fat guy!

  • Tory

    Hm, of all the licensed products marketed to kids, I wonder why the Flintstones have been the only ones to truly stick with their vitamins and cereal, they have been going strong for decades.

  • rnigma

    Yeah, I recall the vitamin commercials – Chocks, Flintstones, Bugs Bunny – and Pals (“We are pals, pals are we, we’re your vita-menagerie…”) Luckily I never OD’ed on chewable vitamins.
    Of course, vitamin commercials aimed at kids would soon be banned.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Sad, I remember the ones in the 80’s where they still did them like “We’re Flintstones Kids, 10 million strong, and growing!” I certainly was a Flintstones kid!

  • Definitely remember a few days coming home from school as a kid and there being nothing to eat in the house so I resorted to snacking on Flinstones vitamins…

  • Pretty cool to see them fully animated!

  • Lee

    Ha, this is great. The kids ‘Yabba Dabba do’ at the end is terrifying though

  • Jeffers

    The proportions of Fred and Barney in relation to the kid look odd to me. It reminds me of that Nes Quik commercial that was posted on here before where the bunny is as big as the kids. It’s weird.

  • Jeffers

    Is this from the 60’s or 70’s? The youtube post has it marked as a 1960’s commercial.

  • Rodan

    I only ate the pink ones…. That should explain a lot. (if only I’d had a few of the green ones)

  • Andy

    Always nice to hear ol’ Alan Reed as Fred. He always had a warmth and kindness to his voice that made you forgive Fred for his general assholiness (or douche-baggery to use the modern vernacular). You understood why Wilma and Barney put up with him. That is a quality that even the best mimic can’t imitate.

  • Mike Tiefenbacher

    That’s Mary Ann Mobley (nearly the original Girl From U.N.C.L.E.) as the mother.

    • I looked twice at her. On the tiny screen, I first thought she looked like Annette!