Fruit Snacks by Buck Fruit Snacks by Buck

Fruit Snacks by Buck

CG has been imitating stop-motion for years, but this spot from Buck, the bicoastal (NY & LA) design and animation studio, had me fooled. It perfectly captures the fun of clay-animation.

Directed By: Buck
Creative Director: Orion Tait
Producer: Kitty Dillard
Character Design: Stephen Kelleher, Kent Mudle, Thomas Schmid
Environment Design: Thomas Schmid, Daniel Oeffinger, Jacques Khouri
CG Supervisor: Ryan O’Phelan
Lead Character Animator: Jordan Blit
Additional Animation: Kent Mudle, Ryan O’Phelan, Pete Hamilton
3D Modeling / Layout Artists: Dave Soto, Pete Hamilton, Ryan O’Phelan
Rigging: Vadim Kiyaev, Ryan O’Phelan, Jordan Blit
Lighting / Shading Artists: Michael Lampe, Ryan O’Phelan
Texture Artist: Dave Soto

  • WOW – this is wonderful

  • Jeff

    Clay also looks like clay, and its cheaper too.

    • Except when you’re making this for a client…who wants 325,935,439 changes after you’ve animated it 274,334 times.

      You will never love clay again.

  • Awesome, reminds me of commercials from the 90’s!

  • Kevin H.

    I like it, but didn’t for a second think it was stop motion…

  • I keep seeing better and better clay CG out there for commercial work. Really gets me excited for those out there developing nicer tools and renders. This is also a good CG “clay” spot:

  • Tony

    Too bad it’s supposed to be fruit roll ups not clay.

    • They sent us boxes of the stuff, and the weird thing is it actually kind of looks like…clay.

  • I like it! It’s really fun compared to most CG stuff I’ve seen.