“Good Girl Bad Girl” by John Loter “Good Girl Bad Girl” by John Loter

“Good Girl Bad Girl” by John Loter

Here’s a delicious piece of eye-candy by artist John Loter to promote his latest merchandising brand, Good Girl, Bad Girl.

Loter’s company, Loter, Inc., does freelance merchandising artwork and design for various studios, particularly Disney. For the past several years the Loters have been selling their own original characters on merchandise at Comic-Con and other events.

About the GGBG piece above, Loter writes:

“The project started with an original song from Joel J Dahl of the band De Novo Dahl (currently By Lightning). We sent him our GGBG book and before we knew it, Joel had a song that we loved and became a huge inspiration for me.

“I drew the boards, with advice from my brother, animation director Steve Loter. Pascal Campion did us the huge favor of assembling our animatic. We had been discussing this project with our friends at Ghostbot and even though the production time was very tight, they agreed to animate it for us. I drew all character key poses (thanks Dancin’ Bob McKnight!). Kevin Martonick was a blessing, creating the Flash assets from my drawings.”

  • Justin Delbert

    That is a good piece of eye candy. Too bad it’s not made for someone like Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network to pick up for broadcasting.

  • Peter Wassink

    But off course the good girl should have ridden a bike and not a moped.

    • Scott B.

      But her only emissions were love!

  • Beautifully done! :)

  • Sardonic Tuba

    This makes me happy.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    This is a music video you can show to your church’s youth group; how often can you say THAT? Love the retro UPA-school modeling.

  • tom bancroft

    I saw their booth at SD comic con and was stopped in my tracks watching this video! (You couldn’t hear the song very well there, so its nice to see it again.) I should have known Ghostbot had created the animation! Everything they touch is golden. The poses, expressions, and timing are awesome! I gotta say it: It reminds me of Eric Goldberg animation! Great job Loters and your stellar crew!

  • droosan

    I saw this animation at SDCC in the GG/BG booth. I went looking for it online after the con, but couldn’t find it anywhere; figured it would turn up here, eventually!

    Congrats to everyone involved!

  • Nice use of Flash with no vector lines or robotic hinged rotations. It felt very organic and had isolated masses distorting and not global squashing and stretching. For simple designs, they were well posed and timed, and very cute.

  • Scott B.

    I’m with Justin Delbert above — this should have started as a Cartoon Network show, and THEN become a line of merch! Love the song, love the characters and the smooth animation.

  • Dharmo

    Not a bad drawing in the bunch. You can’t say that about a run of the mill television animation product.

  • Clint H

    This is a really cute video. The appealing colour scheme and character designs should get this a TV Series. I’d watch it.

    BTW, is it me or does the “bad girl” sorta resemble Harley Quinn?

  • Thanks! We’ve got a little more info on our site, including a special thanks to Roque and the Ghostbot team- wonderful folks who worked their magic on an impossible deadline!

  • Jason H

    I remember seeing this at the comic con. Or was it Anime Expo? Anyways it was amazing and the designs are awesome!

  • Yay Loters! This was a blast to work on. Glad it’s getting the recognition it deserves. Let’s make a show!!

  • I cannot recall where for the life of me, but I’m sure I’ve seen these characters somewhere before… great work, regardless.

  • Congratulations to John Loter and his team. I love music and the animation and art-style is both cute and creative.

  • Christopher Smigliano

    This was good! Really good!!

  • KatellaGate

    Well, it seems unanimous: Everybody loves this clip, and so do I… and I promise not to tell MOPAR you borrowed their devil heart.

  • Terrific stuff; doesn’t at all look like flash even though I guessed it did! Everyone doing flash should look at this as a great example of how to use the program. Cheers!

  • robb pratt

    Wow – that’s pretty damn gorgeous! Congrats, Loters!

  • Behonkiss

    The Ghostbot guys have always done great-looking work, and this is no exception. People who say you can’t do impressive animation with Flash should look at some of their stuff.

  • smallsight

    After reading another thread, I had a realization: If Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon wanted to get in the act and try to compete with the My Little Pony show, This would make a great try!