Hyundai Advertises Car with Wall-Projected Animation Hyundai Advertises Car with Wall-Projected Animation

Hyundai Advertises Car with Wall-Projected Animation

Hyundai created this ‘live’ performance piece to promote their 2012 Accent. They suspended a real car sideways against a building wall, and a real human walks into the car, but everything else is projected animation. The piece debuted in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia last February, and is scheduled to be shown at the New York International Auto Show beginning this weekend.

Some have described it as projection mapping, and indeed, it does appear to be showing on three separate surfaces, but there’s not a whole lot of mapping since the projection is onto flat surfaces. Regardless of how it’s described, it’s a novel site-specific installation, and it would be interesting to see more companies explore advertising in this direction.

This video gives some clues about how the show was installed:

(Thank, Mike Rauch)

  • Commercial stunts like these are always impressive but they never make me want to buy what they’re advertising.

  • Jenny Lerew had a more amazing piece on her log last year.

  • NC

    Now there is something I would like to see in 3-D

  • Nic Orizaga

    the car disappears at 1:45 thanks to quick camera editing…

  • That’s an interesting take on the traditional trompe l’oeil. Very well done.

    Will it result in more sales? Probably not directly, but like the Sony Bravia (bouncing balls) commercial or the Bravia Play Doh commercial, it builds tremendous good will for the company/product.

  • Rufus

    I don’t understand why the car had to be suspended to make that ad. They could’ve done it with the car on the ground and for cheaper.

    • David Breneman

      …And suspend the audience above the car?

      I’d be interested to see how they hoisted the car onto and off of the “screen” in such a brief time period. It looked like there was only enough “dazzle” video to hide such a move for a few seconds.

  • Erin Siegel

    Lovely! If only the car didn’t look exactly like an Accord. It’s kind of hard to imagine your basic sedan pulling off the moves this commercial puts the Insight through. Maybe if it had a slicker design, like a James Bond car, I could believe the car was really that cool.

  • Ryoku

    Hyundai can do all the fancy stuff they want with their ads, but their cars are still bland and cheaply made.

    • “…still bland and cheaply made.”

      As opposed to which brand in that price category?

  • FloydBishop

    They should have gone one extra step and knocked out the spot for the car with white light, preventing anything form being projected on the car itself other than white light. It breaks the illusion a bit as is, but it’s still cool.

  • RossBradfield

    It’s irritating how EVERYONE has their phones out. Why can’t people just enjoy the damn thing without having to record it (and upload it to Facebook no doubt).

  • “Must…take out…phone…and record Hyundai. Getting…weaker…