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Laika Mac Commercial



Check out this nice little commercial Christmas card for Apple, now up on the apple website It was directed and animated by Drew Lightfoot, with character design by Shane Prigmore, at LAIKA/house.

(Thanks, Tom Knott)

  • That was cute…

    So… when does the argument about 2-d vs 3-d start?

  • This is really fun! I’ve been enjoying the Mac vs. PC ads since they began, as it’s nice to see Apple finally being more aggressive in carving out their territory, yet in a very entertaining way. This cute little take-off on the old Rankin-Bass Christmas specials is very well done – really nice abstract caricatures of the two live actors. Go, Mac, go!!

  • Vinnie

    Good track, snappy timing. Slick in a fun way.

  • Laika is amazing. I’m truly impressed by the work that’s coming out of this studio.

  • I dunno why, but Mac looks like a young Steve Jobs for some reason.

  • It’s cool you posted this Jerry. You can check out the original designs at my blog-
    Happy Holidays.

  • intergalactic


  • -haha

    VERY charming stuff… Lovely, AND funny! :)

    Keep up the great work Laika crew!

  • Some Guy

    I like it! It almost makes me hate Macs less!

  • tom

    Shane’s site is down for the moment, but then again, I AM using a PC.

  • slowtiger

    Sometimes it’s just one little detail which makes a spot stand out. Here it’s Santa’s pitch pipe. (And of course the flawless production.)

  • Jim

    The Mac guy looks more like Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes

  • stefan

    haha, look at the fat nerdy pc user! – I’m glad I don’t use one of th’

    …oh, hang on.

    Jeez, haven’t people got over this mac vs pc thing yet?

  • K.Borcz

    Oh I like the look of the JPG. I’ll have to check it out when I get home.

  • Mike Lucy

    This looks nice. Man, your original designs were dead on. Awesome. Something got a little lost in the proportions when they made the models.

    Still a really nice charming commercial. Is this stop motion or CG?

  • Shane is such an amazing (and I feel underated) designer. He really captured that nastalgic feel while I’m sure he was forced to “contemporarify” or whatever. Ha!

    Great site, and GREAT Hanna Barbera book, Jerry!! (I bought it the day after I met you with Tom Kenny)

  • christy

    ugh! im so sick of those ads and parodies based on them!

  • Spock Foolish

    That was great! A lot of ads on TV this Christmas season have been trying to capture that Rankin-Bass style, but most haven’t worked for me. This one nailed it.

  • Sean Williams

    Double ugh! Perhaps if they dumbed it down with some “intentional badly drawn” animation and jokes only drunk college students would get, I might have enjoyed it.

  • This is stop-motion. Not CG.

    And what’s wrong with parodies?

  • purin

    It’s cute. I was hoping for more “computer” jokes after the sleep mode line. “He sees you when you’re sleeping/He knows when you… view porn?” Okay, maybe it shouldn’t go into that territory. “He knows where you web surf?”

  • Cute. This looks way better than the other Rankin-Bass inspired commercials and bumpers I’ve seen this season.

    Shane, I like the work on your blog. Consider it bookmarked!

  • Craig

    I like it better than the AT&T GoPhone commercial by Aardman featuring the voices of Steve Buscemi and Norm MacDonald:

  • Marcus

    Hodgman has really let himself go!
    Seriously, I love it, but he ain’t that fat.

  • dcuny

    Cute stuff, too bad the designs had to be taken down.

    The puppet work and compositing is so clean, my first impression was that this was CGI. On the 7th viewing, I finally spotted a *slight* movement of Santa’s brim.


  • intergalactic

    I personaly don’t feel that the designs where “taken down”…I think that the final designs really show off the over all charm of the piece.

    Great job by all envolved….Merry Holiday & Christmas!

  • amid

    Intergalatic: “Taken down” was referring to the fact that Shane had posted his original drawings on his blog and had to remove them from his blog for some reason. It wasn’t referring to how his work was translated from hand-drawn to stop-motion. :-)

  • Intergalactic: Yeah I just had to physically remove all of my original designs for the commercial from my blog. The studio did a fantastic job!! I’ll keep posted on my blog as to what might be going on though.

  • intergalactic

    ah…thank you Amid.


  • Freakin awesome, Shanes a genius!!!

  • colawarmonger

    Somehow they managed to make the Mac guy look even more obnoxious.

  • Jay

    First off, this isn’t a parody. It’s an Apple-commissioned stop-motion ad.

    Since the line between Mac and PC is pretty grey these days (I run Windows on my Mac all the time, now that it’s a built-in function), these ads wouldn’t have lasted very long if not for the genius of John Hodgman and Errol Morris.

  • Well this commercial just helped the good ol’ Rudolph VHS get bumped back up into my family’s holiday movie marathon.

    I still have pretty good Mac resistance though, ho ho ho!

    Great work LAIKA!

  • Looking at it again, PC looks very fat, and bloated…like (yikes) the operating system for a PC!