FingerPrint_Promo_100912 FingerPrint_Promo_100912

“Let’s Make Some Great Fingerprint Art”

I absolutely love this little promo for the forthcoming children’s book Let’s Make Some Great Fingerprint Art. It was animated by the cool London-based Animade studio; based on the book’s artwork by author Marion Deuchars.

  • Uli Meyer

    That is really terrific! Beautifully done.

  • Bruce R

    Great promo for the book and also shows possibilities as a good vehicle for an animation work.
    Really nice.

  • Mic

    So CUTE!

  • Deaniac

    Friggin’ ADORABLE.

  • Yvette Kaplan

    Simplicity + charm RULES! : )

  • Frank M Hansen

    Awesome! Love this.

  • Dagan

    Great, elegant, lovely in it’s simplicity…
    SUPER fun work.

    EVERYTHING moves ‘just right.’
    So good!

  • Button And Bean

    Awesome and very beautiful indeed.