Lipton Brisk Does Animated Ads Again Lipton Brisk Does Animated Ads Again
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Lipton Brisk Does Animated Ads Again

Lipton’s Brisk iced tea brand aired one of the most memorable animation ad campaigns of the Nineties which starred stop-motion versions of celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Elvis and James Brown, Bruce Lee and Babe Ruth. They’ve resurrected the campaign for the 21st century with an Internet viral film called “The Way of the Brisk” starring an animated version of mixed martial arts fighter Chuck Liddell. The stop-motion was directed by Brooklyn-based animator Tatia Rosenthal, who directed the indie feature $9.99.

Tatia shared a few details about the production:

The live-action shoot took 4 days (including a day in LA with Chuck Liddell who was really amused by the little Chuck puppet). The animation took three weeks and was done in Brooklyn at Studio Nos’s facility. David Bell [animator] and I were incredibly happy to work with the fancy John Wright armature and Ron Cole’s cable-controlled face mechanism. Tiny Chuck’s head was so heavy that the flying rig had to be complemented with various wrenches, c-stands and contraptions. A video of the non-composited footage showing the nuts and bolts will hit the Internet soon.

Production company: Bright Red Pixels for Funny or Die
Directors: Jeff Marks, Adam Elend
Producer: Scott Solary
Animation Director: Tatia Rosenthal
Animators: Tatia Rosenthal, David Bell
Puppet By: David Bell
Armature: John Wright
Skull Mechanism: Ron Cole
DP: Scott Colthorp
Animation DP: Burke Heffner

  • NC

    Loved it! It’s great to see that Lipton’s bringing they’re old campaign back. It’s also great to see that they’re also handing the reigns to a talented indie artist.

  • Ron Cole’s technology is going to revolutionize the stop-mo art and industry, glad to see studios and directors finally taking notice

  • Thanks for posting that. It almost purges from my memory the images from that horrific Sir Billi trailer.

  • Cool! Way to go Tatia, David, and the rest of team.

  • Warhead

    The guy who did the impressive mechanics for the head also did this amazing short film “In the Fall of Gravity” using similar mechanics. Check it out here:

  • droosan

    I do LOVE these stop-motion ads .. too bad ‘Brisk’ tastes like sweetened kerosene. ^x^

  • celia

    Great stop motion! The fight scenes were eery and very entertaining. So much better than 3D.

  • Well-executed, but the faux making-of video is getting to be a very tedious form. Is there anything left that wasn’t worn out in Roger Rabbit?

  • @Warhead – Thanks for the plug! :)

  • Yay! Stop-motion is NOT dead! This couldn’t have been done with CG because the entire premise of the short is a puppet coming to life

  • my two loves: mma and animation. MORE!

  • Rebecca

    MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE!!!!!! I love the stop-motion!