LIAF 2011 Trailer by Daniela Negrin Ochoa

London’s grey landscape has never looked so alluring as in Daniela Negrin Ochoa‘s trailer for the upcoming London International Animation Festival. Ochoa is a recent grad of the National Film & Television School.

She provided these notes about the trailer:

The London International Animation Festival wanted a trailer to celebrate their upcoming animation festival and their new home, the Barbican. This year’s festival theme is cut-out animation, which inspired the look of this trailer. I directed, designed, and animated it myself using ink on acetate and tracing paper under camera on a 3 layer multiplane set-up. The music is by composer Jon Wygens.

  • Scott B.

    Very cute. Great music. I miss London.

  • anik

    Fantastic! Beautiful design, the animation works so well with the music, very charming and poetic work.

  • Bud

    Beautiful. Really nice!

  • Greg

    I can’t believe it’s done with a camera rig and acetate in real-life. Really tight timing and beauty beaut design.

  • J

    Great work! So much charm and appeal :)