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Meindbender and Techno Image Collaborate on Gillette Ad

Notwithstanding the grossout concept, this Brazilian Gillette commercial, titled “UFCecê: The League of Heavy Odors,” is a superbly attractive piece of computer animation. The spot was a co-production between Swedish studio Meindbender and Brazilian studio Techno Image. Meindbender’s singular approach to rigging cartoon characters, lighting and texturing pushes computer animation in an exciting new direction whose surface has barely been scratched. It’s good to see them spreading their technique to other studios around the world. Some behind-the-scenes artwork from the spot can be seen on Techno Image’s website.

Agency: Africa, Brazil
Art Director: Alê Prado
Creative Director: Eco Moliterno
RTV: Patricia Gaglioni

Production Companies: Techno Image, Meindbender
Executive Producer: Guilherme Proença, Michael Bengtsson
Directors: Pedro Conti, Tiago Hoisel, Derek Henriques

Character and Environment Design: Tiago Hoisel, Lucas Leibholz, Alexandre Assumpção, Saulo Brito
Storyboards: Lucas Leibholz, Tiago Hoisel, Alexandre Assumpção
Animatic: Derek Henriques, Alexandre Assumpção, Tiago Hoisel
Color Key: Tiago Hoisel, Lucas Leibholz
Photography Direction: Pedro Conti, Tiago Hoisel
CG Supervisor: Pedro Conti
Character Modeling/Texturing: Pedro Conti, Victor Hugo, André Paixão, Mariano Steiner, Bruno Melo.

Rigging: Calle Halldin
Animation Supervisor: Olov Burman
Animation Lead: Calle Halldin
Animator: Derek Henriques, Grzegorz Dalek, Eric Deuel, Ivan Oviedo.
3D Generalist: Grzegorz Dalek, Saman Mahmoudi, Stefan Ekstéen
Hair and Dynamics: Emanuele Niri
Environment Modeling: Alexandre Assumpção, Pedro Conti, Victor Hugo, Derek Henriques, Hernan Zuniga, Rafael Ghencev, Mike Verta.
Lighting and Rendering: Pedro Conti, Michael Bengtsson, Mike Verta
Compositing: Pedro Conti, Tiago Hoisel, Victor Hugo Queiroz, Derek Henriques
Audio: Sustain Studio, Lá no Estudio

  • Dana B

    That was some incredible rendering! For a second there, from the clipart screenshot, I actually thought this was going to be stop-motion with super realistic skin texture. It shouldn’t be long now until artists master realistic-looking humans in cgi. It’s amazing how technology has come so far…

  • Alex Printz

    Glad to see more mindbender stuff coming out! This is one of the directions 3d animation needs to be taking; not the pixar route.

  • Barking Bud

    This makes me think of the Dutch (all!!) CG short: “Gracht” (Canal)

  • Chris Webb

    Fantastic lighting throughout.

  • Larry Ruppel

    This is a terrific example of CG animation, direction and rendering– Congratulations to all involved! As an animator myself, I wish I had the chance to work on this fine project.

    Este es un excelente ejemplo de la animación por ordenador, la dirección y representación – Felicidades a todos los participantes! Como animador mí mismo, me gustaría tener la oportunidad de trabajar en este proyecto muy bien.

  • Tim

    Kinda wacky to hear Portuguese in a Texas accent!