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M&M’s Addams Family


I saw this spot during Leno last night. Not sure how long it’s been running (or what studio is responsible), but it put a smile on my face.

  • Andrew

    Does anyone else think these new M&M spots are creepy?

  • Tom

    Jerry, the spot was animated at LAIKA/house and directed by Kirk Kelley.

  • Nate

    Who wants to eat ugly M&M’s with HAIR on them? Wouldn’t be so bad if they were appealing to look at.

  • uncle wayne

    I can’t believe i found someone who watches tv LESS than I do!! Yes, it has been on for mannnny a many a month now…and it is captivating EACH TIME!!

  • Grant Beaudette

    I liked the one that mimics the old Addams Family opening because they really captured the expressions of the original actors. But the other one they have running has the Lurch M&M acting in a very un-Lurch fashion, so it seems like they just copied some video in one and went completely without reference in the other.

  • This was done by LAIKA/house. We’ve been doing the M&M’s campaign since the 90’s, I believe. Character design on these spots are done by Robin Ator, who’s been at the studio since ’89 (and whose office is right next door to mine).

  • It was done by Laika ( in Portland. Laika’s Entertainment division is producing Neil Gaiman’s Coraline with Henry Selick directing–another something to watch out for.

  • Thanks to everyone who wrote in to tell me which studio produced this spot.

    Uncle Wayne – yes, I watch watch very little broadcast television these days, despite the fact I have the set on all day with Boomerang, MSNBC or TCM running in the background. (Yes there are a few actual shows I watch regularly, but I won’t get into that here).

    Tom & Ward – My brain wasn’t fully functional late last night when posted this. Of course Laika did the spot. Thanks for the wake up call.

  • My favorite bit of the whole ting is Wednesday’s decapitated doll. Nice attention to detail.

  • Paul

    I’m just glad there are finally dark chocolate M&M’s!

  • Lou

    The spot is an improvement over the M&Ms celebrity caricature print campaign, which got off on the wrong foot by using Burt Reynolds as its rollout ‘star’…

  • My favorite part is Gomez’s smile. Subtle and perfect.

  • G

    The ‘m’s look like beards-which is weird.
    I’m not sure if I’m buying it.

  • OM

    …You know fans generally divide into two groups where this show is concerned: Either they loved Addams Family and hated The Munsters, or vice versa. I’m one of the latter, so I say M&M’s needs to do us justice and give us a M&Munsters version :-P

  • I love this entire campaign. Unfortunately, the interactive site doesn’t have quite the number of options I’d like to be able to recreate other M&Mish characters or even myself.

  • Beards and hair. Yeah, we know. It’s a constant issue with M&M-style faces like these. Another one was that we were asked to make them look more or less equally like ALL the actors who are identified with the various characters. So, it’s a question of finding common ground between John Astin and Raul Julia, Carolyn Jones and Anjelica Huston. Interesting compromises developed.

  • AdrianC

    I think these advertisements are a mixed bag (no pun intended). Sometimes the M&Ms look funny and the rest of the time it’s just kind of creepy.

    In this particular case, the Gomez and Pugsley M&Ms are amusing while Grandmama and Uncle Fester (not shown in the picture ) are unsettling.

  • Although this is a loathesome and pointless ad campaign, blame M&M and their ad agency, not the studio that makes ’em. The folks at Laika really did their homework on this one, capturing the nuances of each character as well as key elements in their facial structures. If only the M&M caricatures were better designed overall — the limb-to-“head” ratios and those thick, flesh-stalk arms and legs ARE creepy, and don’t match the subtle approach to the likenesses, but again, I doubt if that’s Laika’s fault — this spot would achieve near-perfection…even for us ADDAMS FAMILY fans.

    Charles Addams, on the other Thing-hand, is probably spinning in his mausoleum like a rotisserie chicken on 78 rpm (although he’d probably dig it if, instead of chocolate candies, those M&Ms were chocolate laxatives!)

  • Micah

    I’m going out and buying dark chocolate M&M’s riiiight nooooww!

    Cute spot, love the Addams Family so it’s great to see such fun stuff with them. Probably aired in time for the DVD set being released. Anyone have any idea if that is so?

  • bobservo

    Nostalgia getting to you a bit? Those things are as ugly as sin. And not “ugly” in their intended way.

  • TubeUlar

    Laika as always did a really nice job.

  • Chris Olson

    Has anyone else noticed how good CGI looks in black and white? It really brings out the shapes and contours, and disguises pixels. It’s one of the reasons Sin City was so believable, despite the lack of any actual set constructions for the actors to interact wtih.


    Hey, is there a place to download this commercial to hard-drive?

  • Mars Incorporated is being sued for alleged idea theft of Addams Family M&M’s commercials. The idea was rejected, so how did these commercials hit national airwaves making millions for the launch of M&M’s Dark Chocolate?

    Link to press release:

  • Dotty

    I think they’re cute… it’d be cool if we could have “cartoon” m&m’s of ourselves or of others created – free. Kind of like creating your own avatar.

    These are just cartoons… of course they don’t make m&m’s with “hair” on them… get real!

  • Robin Z

    I love the M&M addams family. I want them to make figurines. Wish I had a set. Love em.