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New Animation from Iran by Moin Samadi and Mehdi Alibeygi

These two pieces of Iranian animation caught me by surprise because they are so stylistically different from other recent animation I’ve seen coming out of Iran. The first is a commercial for Lina Luke snack food directed by Moin Samadi. It has been accepted into this year’s Annecy Animation Festival:

The next is an energetic and funny hand-drawn piece called Evolution by Mehdi Alibeygi.

Director, Writer, Animator: Mehdi Alibeygi
Executive Producer: Moin Samadi
Sound and Music: Armin Bahari
Composite: Sare Shafipour
Logo Designer: Amin Maftoon
Produced by Raiavin Studio

  • Greg

    These are both so, so good

  • both of these are awesome, super cool !

  • popyea

    Love the energy in these. And the way the cowboy character moves is great.

  • Florian Satzinger

    Wow, indeed! They’re great!

  • WOW amazing from all angles!

  • jonhanson

    Wow! Love these so much! Really reminds me why I fell in love with animation, every move is so fun!

  • Tomm

    Great stuff

  • mick

    that’s the way to do it

  • Thank you very much…

  • MRKid