Nick-at-Nite animated promos Nick-at-Nite animated promos

Nick-at-Nite animated promos

Remember when Nick-at-Nite was good? I’m feeling nostalgic for the retro-nostalgia of the old Nick-at-Nite.

Here’s a collection of N-A-N network ID’s and promo clips from the early 1990s. I believe all these jingles were written by Tom Pomposello. The animators include Marv Newland, Sally Cruikshank, Joey Album, Guido Manuli, JJ Sedelmaier, Jane Aaron, Frank Mouris, David Lubell, Colossal Pictures and I think I spotted a design by Dave Sheldon. If anyone else knows who did what, please comment below.

  • Jerry –

    Thanks for uploading this terrific compilation !. These ID’s were an important part of animation in NY in ’91. Indeed, Tom Pomposello was track producer/creator, but he also produced the animation as well. Between these and the Nicktoons package we did with Scott Webb (Bumpers, opening with Craig Yoe, and logo design) we were able to open our studio with some kickass work ! You should do a feature on “Honest Tom” Pomposello – a unique talent and animation champion ! I’ve forwarded the credit list – I hope you can add it to the post for people to see.

  • top cat james

    I remember when NAN used to air great satire like “SCTV”, 70’s “Saturday Night Live”, and “Fernwood 2-Night”.

    Oh, well, have the DVD collections of the first two-still waitin’ on Ferny. (get on the ball, Norman Lear!)

  • swebb

    I was the Creative Director who oversaw this project working with Mr. Tom Pomposello and a host of animators and composers. Yes that’s Dave Sheldon!
    This was one of my favorite projects ever back when Nick was a blast to watch and work for!

  • I’ve always felt Cartoon Network’s original sensibility came out of this school. Betty Cohen, Tom Pomposello, Linda Simensky, all had experience helping to sculpt and develop Nickelodeon/[email protected] at 1515 Bway and MTV Networks. The non-animated [email protected] promos are also classics – you can find a lot of them on YouTube.
    Glad Scott chimed in above ! Working with Tom and Scott taught me more about branding and promotion than I could’ve hoped to learn anywhere. . ever.

  • marcelle

    i was a lowly production assistant but i remember the first time i met tom pomposello, i was in scott’s office and he walked in, larger than life…and then we all went into a conference room. and he was so inclusive, allowed me to come to the studio to watch him work. inspirational.

    anyway, this project was a great project to work on.

  • The late Tom Pomposello was my best friend, one time record business partner, and colleague. I’m sure he’d most want to be remembered as a bluesman, which indeed he was, and believe it or not (I’m not sure he did) he brought that unique sensibility to all the animation and television work he did. Thanks for the post Jerry.

  • Scott

    The best of Nick at Night was transferred to TV Land–until they, too, recently decided that their original intent wasn’t “relevant.” So they’ve loaded the channel with crappy reality shows.

    Since WHEN was the [great] idea of showing classic TV s hows “relevant?” Was that ever the POINT? Sheesh…

    I miss Nick at Night and TV land.

  • uncle wayne

    These are, indeed, treeemendous!! It’s a damn shame that….in the over 60+ years of television…..the kind of “nostalgia” they’d show is “Rosanne!”

  • Seems to me that what these contain that’s missing in a lot of current promotion, (I DO like the Adult Swim ID’s that are currently running) is branding focus, and most importantly, FUN. The fact that these [email protected] pieces could effectively promote a network that consisted of live action shows blows criticism out of the water that says it shouldn’t work. Can you imagine this being done today ? MTV Networks had great success with their animated ID’s prior to this and helped change people’s attitude about the craft as being for kids only. I’d love to see this thread continue and focus on folks like Tom, Scott, Fred/Alan, Abby Terkuhle, Nina Sylvestri, etc. Great work and great lessons. . .

  • “9 out of 10 barnyard animals agree…” Ha, good stuff indeed.

  • Jerry-
    Thanks for these. What a beauty! This was my first chance to be animated (Thanks J.J.).
    The only other work i know besides me is JD King at the 5:09 mark.

  • uncle wayne

    “Adult Swim” Pahh!! MY version of that was “Loony Toons” at mdnt. And why (oh why) aren’t the WB films shown now….ANY where! (That’s an entire new subject, I know…i think it’s just a SIN!)

  • Cyber Fox

    Yeah, I miss the old Nick at Nite and TV Land’s original format

    It’s a pity that Viacom is that arrogamt and stingy that they had to screw up the channels we all love just for ratings and money, and I wish they never canned Super Retovision Saturdays due to i believe after they canned that block, TV Land went downhill

  • Chris Sobieniak

    What of what J.J. had said sums up my view of the matter as well when it came to how effective these animated ID’s were for non-animation channels such as MTV and [email protected] Somewhere by the end of the last century we started to lose that spirit when the networks began to re-evaluate themselves and started on the path we see today. It’s a shame it didn’t last too long, and I’d love to learn more about the guys behind the cable TV I knew and loved.

  • doug holverson

    A lot of the cartoonier spots remind me of Saturday morning junk food advertising of the ’70s (eg: “Nesbitt’s Orange Soda Pop”, “Everything Looks Like a Tootie Roll to me”).

    Loved it enough to make a trip to Keep It! and still frame the styles.

  • What’s fascinating is the influence these folks had on Cartoon Network. Betty went down to Atlanta and launched CN with the sensibility AND some of the personalities from Nick, and when Linda arrived and people like Michael Ouweleen came on board, it seems to me the equation was complete. Here they had this seemingly endless supply of dumb cartoons from the HB library and they nurtured the nostalgia phenom into genius promotion. Let’s face it, nostalgia’s a drug that sometimes makes you see value in otherwise bankrupt stuff. It’s the same approach [email protected] took with The Donna Reed Show, etc. It was awesome to see Donna Reed on [email protected], yet a bore to watch it on Ch9/WOR where it sometimes aired similtaneously with [email protected]’s schedule. . . all promoting and sculpting the image of the shows. . .

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Lord knows [email protected] made Donna Reed seem all that compelling for me to watch as an 8 year old! :-) I paid off.

  • Dave Landesberg

    So great to see these all in one place! Thanks for the (seemingly) comprehensive post Jerry.

    The print ads and tune-in ad were equally inspired. The b/w as well as the 4C. I have some of those old ad slicks in a random file. I really should post them somewhere…

  • These are really great– and amazing that they were all done before After Effects came along. I did not do any of these. Nickelodeon never hired me to do anything. These shorts have a lot in common with the shorts CTW was producing at the same time.

  • yup, this was the reel we used to use to strut part of the magick POMPOSELLO stuff, whose ineffability TOM was wont to describe as possessing “that je ne sais quirk.” i produced a whole mess of these tracks with a great group of NYC-based musicians for whom this retro-style project was their maiden TV voyage. among others, names like Phillip Johnston, Joe Ruddick, Steve Bernstein, Joel Forrester, Rachelle Garniez, Dave Hofstra, and Joe Flood spring to the fore as just some of the budding artists who made their bones on these little gems. it strikes me more than two decades later that from the musical perspective alone, one of the great aspects of TOM’s genius was that he insisted on taking a stand in behalf of heretofore commercially untested composers, players, singers, arrangers, and creative producers like myself. no wonder, coming as i did from a seven year stint at NYC’s museum of modern art, TOM’s commitment to real musicians proved to be so seductive an entry for me into the for-profit production world. by the way, that IS yers trooly delivering the fabled VO line “Nine out of ten barnyard animals agree, watch Nick at Nite, for good TV.” I did the cow, too!

  • I’m confused on which people drew some of these bumpers.

  • Several of these were produced at Colossal in Tribeca – Eli Noyes and Kit Laybourne’s place.
    I did Cubey the Tubey at 6:00.
    Other artist / animators: Richard McGuire (5:08), Jane Aaron (6:10)

  • Justin

    The one at 4:29 was produced by Deb Dawson – he also produced the “Singing Petunias” ID for Nickelodeon in 1987.

  • Frankie

    Wanting to know of a cartoon that was played back in 2004-2006, it was on nick at nite….a rundown of these cartoons would be greatly appreciated.