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Calling All Furries: Orangina “Anytime”

Here’s something for the furries. A sequel to a 2007 Orangina ad campaign which apparently was quite a success…

Agency: Fred & Farid, Paris
Creative Directors: Frederic Raillard, Farid Mokart
DA: Frederic Raillard, Farid Mokart, Thomas Raillard
TV producer & post production: Alexandra Marik, Benoit Armstrong
Director: Tom Carty
Production: Gorgeous, London
Post Production: The Mill, London
Sound Design: Wave Studios, Johnny Burn

(Thanks, Jim Lahue)

  • Not Into The Weird Stuff

    I want to nip something in the bud before this turns into Adult Cartoon Fans Hating on Furries Day.

    This right here, more than “Happy Feet” or the trailers for “Yogi Bear” or “Alvin and The Chipmunks” or “Mars Needs Moms”, is the best argument for an issue in CGI that I don’t see addressed nearly enough. And that is that cartoon characters are only cute and appealing when they are allowed to look cartoony. Just because you can stick a photo-realistic dog head on a human body and render every strand of fur on her in high definition detail, doesn’t mean you should.

    • Scarabim

      That’s a good point, and it can be applied to human CGI characters too. Just because computers can allow you to render every pore and bodily artifice, doesn’t mean you should. Does *every* CG character have to have nostrils?

      • Wolf Baginski

        Doesn’t the furry aspect drag these out of the uncanny valley. These are very definitely not-real. The motion capture, and other aspects of the CGI, are done well, but there isn’t the same expectation as there would be for a CGI human.

        And, in this case, with the parodies of other advertising, you probably need that unreality for other reasons.

  • I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be childish, but is the shaking of the deer’s tail and the ensuing fart sound music not a coincidence?

  • DonaldC

    Too uncanny valley for me, thank you.

  • I’d seen a few of these before. Visuals aside, it’s odd to imply you use this stuff for everyting under the sun except drinking it.

  • Furry Cartoon Brew reader

    I’m with the first poster on this thread, although I think some of the characters in this campaign work better than others. Still, most of the time, there’s something… off-putting. Too much Uncanny Valley going on.

    That being said, it should be noted that this is an English mash-up of… (watches again) Oh, you changed the video link to a compilation of the full clips. Never mind then. Yeah, furry fandom noticed the ads when they came out, of course. Reactions ranged from “WTF?!” to “Cool!” to “Meh.” More of the latter as the campaign has continued. Not surprisingly, the ad in the recent bunch that got the most fandom reaction was the gay cougar one.

  • AB

    Plain creepy, for the reasons mentioned above. And I am not too sure how effective they are as advertisements either. If I were eight years old and saw this on TV, I would probably be more traumatized than anything else.

  • Oh come on, that was hilarious! I think it’s meant to be mildly disturbing anyway. The whole thing is a farce!

  • Erin Siegel

    I personally find this hilarious! At least it makes more sense than the original (and I love to find out what stupid people actually used Orangina in such a way after the commercials aired).

  • Ian DJ

    I think it’s a bold statement for a commercial to not be afraid to endorse gay puma men. You only ever see the hetero side of puma culture. Well, unless you look on Deviantart or Furaffinity. Gay Puma Man, I’d vote for him as president!

    • Puma Man, strangely enough, is actually one of my favorite MST3K eps.

  • I like the way they parody the TV commercial. And even in the end, they parody themselves :))
    but still, it is creepy

  • Autumn

    I am thoroughly creeped out.

  • I’m with the folks who find this hilarious. As soon as you realize what the gag is, it really works, and I personally don’t find most of the characters off-putting.

    Although I think this works better as “short film” the way the compilation works out, than as advertisement. Not sure it’d encourage me to buy the product, but it would get me to notice it which I guess is the point.

  • Matt Sullivan

    Don’t worry furries. Ignore everything that gets griped about here.

    They were already wrong about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic which, despite the paranoid anti-pony statements that were made on this blog, turned out to be a damn good show. My favorite new animated show in fact.

    Ignore em. It’s your right to not buy into the “gripe-speech” you see all over the internet.

    • Scarabim

      I like the new My Little Pony too. It’s kinda nice to see a cartoon show with characters that don’t look like refugees from Picasso’s “Guernica”. Its skilled use of color and pleasing character designs – not to mention pretty sharp scripts – make the show a winner.

      As for that commercial, uh…..hm. Well, I thought the cougar looked kinda cool, until the human guy started hitting on him. Bleah.

      • MattSullivan

        Glad someone else agrees. :} It’s too charming and too cute and too LIKABLE for me to even hate the slightest thing about it.

  • Funny but creepy, and what’s with the Gay Puma?

    • He is attracted to men.

  • Spencer

    Damn, if those animals were actual women.. MEOW

  • Phil

    I’m more confused to just what the product is.
    Orange juice and all purpose cleaner?

  • Funny, and definitely rewarded for watching through to the end. I like ad campaigns like this that are self-aware, or self-mocking.

  • Mike Johnson

    One thing I learned about advertising in school was that the main purpose of advertising is to get your product noticed by the public, preferably in a manner that got the public talking about your product to their friends. As to this, the Orangina spots have done a darn fine job of creating an unforgettable image in the public’s collective mind, even though some people obviously would rather have that image surgically removed.

    As for the sensual/sexual content vis-a-vis the animals, well…this is nothing new, especially to the animation fan. Let’s not forget that Betty Boop started out as a dog, or that any number of female cat characters have been drawn in an overtly sexy style (I’m thinking of Tom’s girlfriend in the Tom & Jerry cartoons for example) and also let us not forget the female centaurs in Fantasia, or any great number of animated female animals up to and including those in these ads. Heck, when I was seven I thought Sweet Polly Purebread from the Underdog show was very cute!

    Maybe the CG makes it feel creepier to some, but to me it’s the same old song played on a newer instrument, and I find it just as much fun as ever.

  • When will all this end?

  • AB

    One could say the campaign is effective in getting our attention through (unintentional?) creepiness.

    But my question is: is it effective in selling orange juice? I think idea that we’re supposed to actually drink this thing gets a little lost. And I don’t quite make the connection between the creepy humanoid animals and the reason why this particular product is better than the rest. Does that make sense?

  • Manny

    I Like! Furry Pride!

  • Jeff Haynes

    Pretty bad.

  • College Student

    I remember seeing these ads plastered all over Paris back in the Summer of 2009. My question is still, do you drink it or what?

  • Jason Brown

    I thought it was hilarious, for some reason I feel these are meant to be a little uncanny valley, being weird and slightly disturbing is what makes it hilarious.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    Technically brilliant, but I had to be reminded that these might be considered parodies of pre-existing commercials. If Pepsi, Coke, or even Sunny D found their product being advertised as a household cleaner as well as a beverage, they’d change ad agencies so fast it’d make your head spin.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Someone on YouTube already made the statement France should quit acting like Japan because of this!

      • wow thanks for us keeping updated on random racist youtube comments.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        Eh, it’s my job (and only because I laugh at it)!

  • Celia

    I loved Orangina when I was a kid. The drink wasn’t that easy to find where I grew up. Having one was a real treat.

    These commercials make me want to abandon Orangina all together. I don’t even want to admit to liking this product, now that it has been polluted by obtuse, “in your face” advertising. Please, let these ads sell something else, like cigarettes or condoms.

  • Some agency has some ‘splaining to do…

  • Creepy. Offputting. Ill-advised. Ugh.

  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik


  • Michel Van

    that’s way Orangina selling there orange juice: “WE ARE DIFFERNTLY”
    i remember there Blood orange drink ad campain in 1990s
    a Family trip goes wrong as they refuse the new drink
    and there hunted by fury mansize Orangina bottel with a Chainsaw
    Lucky the Family escape true goofiness of the actor in suit

    hell why i tell all this ? here ist Video !

  • red pill junkie

    The island valley of Dr. Moreau ;)

  • Lindsay

    Wow – just a casual browsing on YouTube turned up a ton more of these anthro critter Orangina ads (curse you, “Suggestions” sidebar)! Something about that campaign must be working for them, if they’ve kept producing more. O_O

    Cougar “Indian” and cowgirl horse short bits adapted from the original ad –

    “Wickedly Light” giraffe and hyena –

    “Rouge” Orangina with… dominatrix panther?!

    “Rastaman” lion –

    “L’Aristo” poodle –

    And all those new “Naturally” ads have their own account, too:

    So… I guess Orangina is really popular in France? Why else do they have a gajillion different flavors available… with mo-capped animals to shill them?!

  • That Chick

    “Here’s something for furries!”

    Yeah right….

    Don’t get wrong, I’m a casual furry fan but I personally HATE this. THIS IS SHIT.

    The furry fandom isn’t all about sexualized animal people, no its just general enjoyment of anthromorphic animals. You know like Bugs Bunny, Scooby Doo and Yogi Bear. Which I’m sure you alot of you guys still enjoy.

    As a kid prefered anthromorphic animal characters more than humans, which I still do today.

    I don’t get off them either. It is not a fetish. XC

    Cartoon Brew, stop treating furry fans as sick demented sexual freaks but instead as hobbists.

    How about discussing topics about talking animal characters in animation and its effect on the business?

    The anime community gets better treatment and respect here. :<

  • Tagz the bunny

    Im a gay furry and I love the one with the Puma. The bear one was good too. So cute! ^_^

  • Wolf Baginski

    Maybe there’s some differences between the UK and the USA in the advertising styles used, but the parody element is really obvious to me. And it goes with that general style of furry. I reckon that because you’re breaking away from human, it also makes the sexual element more obvious.

    Some of the adverts are very short, essentially somebody brandishing the product. And that suggests to me that this furry theme has become part of the brand.