Oxfam Spot by Frater Films Oxfam Spot by Frater Films

Oxfam Spot by Frater Films

This Oxfam spot was plugged here a couple years back, but I only discovered it and couldn’t resist sharing again, along with some details about how it was made. The piece is by the British duo of Benji Davies and Jim Field, who operate as Frater Films and whose piece The Year of the Rabbit appeared on the Brew last month.

The PSA is anchored by a well developed visual concept that emphasizes the contrast between black-and-white characters and the colorful sounds they emit. The characters were animated in After Effects, while the sound patterns were made from rubber stamp prints that were colored digitally. Examples of the stamps can be seen on the Frater Films site. All aspects of the spot are smartly conceived including the sound and music design of Stuart Earl.

(Thanks, Gabe Swarr)

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  • http://debrasolomon.com debra j. solomon

    I love it ! beautifully done !

  • http://www.natetheis.com Nate

    Absolutely love this spot.

  • http://rodtejada.wordpress.com Rod Tejada

    Truly inspiring!

  • http://www.janetperlman.com Janet Perlman

    This is so great!

  • tomm


  • Spencer

    I miss that Twice Upon A Time style. Bringin’ it back!!!

  • Spencer

    Could it be because the best way to buy electronics is brand new and that’s translated into our more practical and essential needs/way of life?

  • http://chuckrekow.blogspot.com/ Chuck R.

    The production designs on the Frater Films site are well worth a look —even better than the film itself. Beautiful stuff!

  • Feelin’Somethin’

    Fantastic spot. Great design, in terms of visuals and sound, where both contribute to a really clear and entertaining communication of the message. Kudos!

  • reza

    love the timing and poses of it, reminds me of my favorite stuff!

  • Yvette Kaplan

    Wonderful!! Now I’m DEFINITELY going to buy that expensive vintage — (second hand!) sideboard!!! : ) Seriously, back to the point– it’s a wonderful short. It says it all , in a clear, positive, delightful, and visually exquisite way. Bravo to the filmmakers and thank you, Amid.

  • http://www.highgate-cemetery.org Karl Marx

    Gave me a great idea for a book!

  • http://flippy-doodle.blogspot.com/ Blah Di Bob

    This is awesome! I love the music so much, I wish there was a track available for it.

    And the animation style is cool – nice and simple.