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Paint-on-Glass Ad by Aleksandr Petrov for Russian Railways

Fans of Aleksandr Petrov (The Cow, The Old Man and the Sea) will appreciate this ad he created for Russian Railways using his trademark paint-on-glass technique. The spot celebrates the 175th anniversary of railways in Russia.

  • bob kurtz

    my friend aleksandr is beyond amazing!!!!!!!!!

  • Tim

    Wow, this ad has so much life, vitality, and energy! I wish his films had some of this — usually Petrov films remind me of Thomas Kinkade paintings, in their sort of self-satisfied sentimentality. But this ad is epic! I hope he’ll carry some of this imagery and film language into a future film.

    • Well, gosh, you need to see his adaptations of The Cow and The Dream Of A Ridiculous Man. There’s much to be said for sentimentality, but, even so, those don’t have a trace.
      No argument about this advertisement, though. This has the pacing and framing of his best work.

  • That’s a great look. I think I first got a look at that technique at a World Animation Celebration in the 90’s and the speaker sort of represented it as an obsolete technique left over from Soviet film subsidy days.

  • david Vallone

    His work is always amazing and very inspiring.. I love the 2 other films ‘The Cow” and ‘ The Old Man of the Sea”… It’s great to see this kind of medium still being used in animation to tell a story.. Like Caroline Leafs work.. The Street” from the mid 70’s

  • Petrov is the real deal.

  • I presume there are more historical references than the few I recognize like the Trans Siberian Railway and WWII. Is there any sort of commentary identifying it all? Is the blue giant an existing character from Russian legend?

    • Julia Karaseva

      The blue giant is an epic image of Russian people.
      The video tells story of Russian Railways starting from the reign of Tsar till present time including underwater tunnel between Chukotka and Alaska which will be built in 10 years.

      İ hope you understood my English)

      • John Blair

        The Bering Strait tunnel would be the greatest railway project in the last 100+ years.

  • I would have rated it much higher had Putin been riding one of the dolphins.