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“ParaNorman” Posters

These striking illustrated posters promoting Laika’s latest film ParaNorman are being displayed around various US cities. I saw them in Manhattan yesterday. According to some of the artists who drew the posters for Mondo, passerby are free to grab them off the walls if they wish. Click on the images below for hi-res versions.

Glen Brogan
Little Friends of Printmaking

Drew Millward

Graham Erwin

Dave Perillo
  • laika is just so bad ass, everything they seem to do is just beautiful. im looking more forward to anything from laika than i am to anything pixar/disney..

  • Agh, I saw these when I was in New York last weekend! Wish I’d have known at the time that I could’ve taken one! They’re brilliant.

  • KitKat

    THIS is how you advertise a film.

    • Bud

      Not exactly. It’s how you make a neat poster. I lvoe them, but a VAST majority of people just want simple clarity about what the movie is about. These posters only do that if you know remotely anything about the film. And a majority of the general public do not.

      • KitKat

        But they certainly spark interest.

    • ScoJo

      They are very cool, but I think the tried-and-true boring giant head posters are still the “best” way to advertise a film. I’m glad these exist though :)

  • JK

    Anyone know where we can spot these in LA?

    • Marie

      At the corner of Venice and Sepulveda is where I nabbed mine.

      • JK

        Thanks! I was able to find some at on Highland at Leland Way this evening. There were a few more out there when we left if anyone is still interested in trying to snag one.

        I think this is a super cool way to drum up attention for the film. Kudos to Laika and Focus Features on such an unconventional approach!

  • feep

    Snagged one the other day. Brilliant posters, and smart move on Laika’s part.

  • Watching the Olympics opening ceremony we saw trailers for ParaNorman, Frankenweenie, and Hotel Transylvania (all trailers in 3D!, maybe a first for TV). It felt like one gigantic horror comedy fest.

  • SKent.

    This is going to be brilliant. I can already tell.

  • I’ll be in Chicago this coming weekend for Lollapalooza. I wonder if there’s a spot in Chicago where I could find them. The first and second ones on there are to me the best-looking ones.

  • armando

    wait, what? Paranorman premiers on august 3 here in mexico, now thats strange

  • Dan S.

    I found a wall of these in Culver City and snagged all the ones that were still in mint condition!! Thank you MONDO!!

  • Really loving Laika as well.

    So into the work they produce, and really looking forward to this film in particular.

    Love the whole “If you see one, feel free to take one”
    thing… And THIS is how movie promo posters should look!

    SOOOO fun. :)

  • Marie

    I totally snagged one before I knew about this. It was peeling off and just begging to be mine. I got the one by Drew Millward. It’s on really sturdy paper, think I’ll get it framed. Can’t wait for this movie. When I saw the first trailer, I thought they made it just for me. I love zombies and animated movies. Also got my picture with the Norman and the zombies at Universal Studios Hollywood. I was the only adult standing there with all the kids.