Rare Popeye spots – for Milk Rare Popeye spots – for Milk

Rare Popeye spots – for Milk

Dig the loopy, fun animation in this 1983 commercial for Milk. As far I know this never aired in the states — and it may have the distinction of being the last Popeye animation ever voiced by Jack Mercer and Mae Questel:

While we’re at it, check this recent commercial for “Popeye-flavored Milk” (“Popeye-flavored”?) from Syria. Popeye goes all “Matrix” on Bluto in this one:

(Thanks, Fred G.)

  • rghbr

    Didn’t realize how often that show dealt with date rape… lol.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Classy, classy and fresh (like milk)!

  • Dan Haskett

    Wow! I thought I’d never see this again. I animated on the 1983 spot. It was produced for the Netherlands by Dan Hunn and Ron Fritz. I worked with Dan out of New York, and animated the first and third scenes (after the title intro). A nice memory; Dan loved animation and was a joy to work with. Can’t imagine where the hell you found this, but thanks for posting.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Glad to know who worked on this!

  • David Breneman

    The sad part of the 1983 ad was that it used the King Features music, a remembrance of Popeye’s creative nadir. But the “hip and ironic” quotient of having Popeye get his strength from something other than spinach is a savvy marketing move.

  • dbenson

    Somebody translate and reassure us “Popeye-flavored” isn’t what it sounds like.

    • Daniel J. Drazen

      I’m sure it’s meant to be something like “Popeye brand flavored milk.” Still creepy original wording, though.

  • Ron

    I also remember some really well animated Popeye commercials for Quaker Oats from the late 80’s/early 90’s. I think he beat up a shark in one of them. Do you have links to those?

  • Was my face red.

    Mmmmmm, tastes salty!

  • I loved these spots! For some strange reason, Popeye has always been a favorite character of mine, purely from a design standpoint.

    In both these spots, the animation is very nicey done and draw their inspiration from the classic Fleischer shorts, rather than the later Paramount cartoons.

    Thanks very much for posting these!


  • John

    Wow those Matrix parodies never get old, do they?

  • This commercial was funnier & truer to classic cartoons than the awful 1978 Hanna-Barbera series (which didn’t even have the wisdom to hire Mae Questel)

  • Rick R.

    I can assure you, and I have no knowledge of the langauge. Do a freeze-frame at 15 seconds where they have the “hero” shot of the products and you too can clearly read “Strawberry” on the red carton. It would be Popeye brand milk in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    For more non-Spinach-packin’ good times…

  • Jeff Kurtti

    In order to taste like a one-eyed sailor, it requires a hyphen to become a modifier to the word “milk” (Popeye-flavored).

    I believe it is simply Popeye (pause) Flavored Milk. No hyphen.

  • What a great commercial! (the 1983 one)

  • Steve Stanchfield

    Like the older commercial- what shots did you animate Dan?

    That new commercial was pretty odd- the strangest thing was seeing the animation go into some of the licensing art poses exactly as part of the animation! I’ve always wanted to animate Popeye and get some of that great Bowsky accordion rubber into it….

  • Peter

    Nice. But for me, nothing beats this Popeye Orange Juice commercial.