<em>Hunger Like the Wolf</em> by Eun-Ha Paek <em>Hunger Like the Wolf</em> by Eun-Ha Paek

Hunger Like the Wolf by Eun-Ha Paek

Toby Barlow, author of the book Sharp Teeth, let me know about a beautiful viral created by Eun-Ha Paek to promote his book. There are more animated pieces related to the book at SharpTeethTheBook.com. I love seeing such an ambitious use of animation to promote a print novel; hopefully more animators and novelists will explore these possibilities together.

  • Well, this is a bust. Where’s Duran Duran?

  • Ryan

    Lovely that was, if ever anyone ever gets around to animating Hideshi Hino’s stuff, I’d hope it’d look like that.

  • Very cool. Definitely inspires me to check out the book.